Kind of like Space Mountain... and pee.

10 November 2009
I might be a little excited.  I may be all giddy and crazy and happy.  I might have jumped around and did a little happy dance.  I mean tomorrow, I will be headed to California, enjoying the goodness of my aunt and uncle, visiting friends, seeing family and soaking up the smell of the salty ocean.  Oh, before you hate me too much, I have lined up some fantastic women to keep you busy while I'm gone... so, you'll be having fun too.  Well, at least I hope you might, several have mentioned that they can't make promises as to the quality of their posts.  That is frighteningly hilarious and awesome all at once.  Kind of like riding Space Mountain when you're eight and it's your first roller coaster and waiting in line smells like what you think space might smell like if you're breathing pumped in, space smelling air and you're at the happiest place on earth only you want to pee a little from the excitement and nervousness of what awaits... a pitch black screaming roller coaster.  Wow, I should probably apologize in advance for what may be coming. 

And have I mentioned that I've made no restrictions on their posts?  So, who knows what the heck you'll end up with.  I mean, you'll have:
  • Someone I may or may not have been drunk from one too many fishbowls while I brokered a big ass {diamond} ring for, who believes a skirt can never be too short and knows the value of a fantastic meal and a fabulous mimosa will delight you on Thursday - someone convince LISA to get a blog of her own!
  • You can celebrate Friday the 13th with AMY, the one who was afraid of me before she met me {turns out I was the one that should have been worried}, she loves a good pug statue, can be talked into crazy schemes for my own personal amusement, she learned the hard way that you can't flush baby wipes, and makes a killer boat drink.
  • My sworn enemy in 8th grade, author of the SPH 8th grade prayer, currently residing in Stepfordville and enjoying drunk kung fu fiiiiighting {which isn't so much kung fu as kicking in bathroom doors to 'rescue' Sarah from flashing her boobs to perfect strangers} is handling Saturday, show JACKIE a good time will ya?
  • STEPH is the one that is absolutely gorgeous & kind hearted, a dog mama extraordinare, crafty guru and wife to the killer of dreams will be entertaining you on Sunday.
  • A seemingly normal stranger that I convinced to be my bloggy bff... I highly recommend that approach to friendship {and NO you may not steal my ASH, go get your own} is going to be delighting your Monday.  She is hilarious and wonderful and totally puts up with strangers befriending her Sugar Britches.
  • One who is funny, incredibly talented, honest and who also owns 73 pairs of shoes... did I mention that she also runs insane relays through the mountains while pregnant?  Oh AND she has a master plan to have everyone calling her by her alter-ego name, BUNNY in the next 10 years.
  • And my dirty dirty sister, ELISE, the attic hider and fabulous one who picked her college by pulling it out of a hat is going to delight you on Wednesday. 
Phew!  That is a a whole lot of crazy just taking over So Wonderful, So Marvelous.  And when I get back, I'll invite y'all over to sit through 900 slides beamed onto a white sheet tacked to the wall as I tell you about our adventure in LaLa Land, which is shaping up to be quite the trip.  So stick around, won't you?


Anonymous said...

The pressure is on now, isn't? :)

Ashley said...

We'll miss you and OMG now I have to think of a freakin post. Damn, I better make plans to drink first thing Monday morning.

Debbie said...

I hope you have a great trip! This should be interesting.

Emily said...

Have fun in Cali! Bring me back some sunshine!

AnnMarie said...

Eeek! I'm so excited to see what all the lovely ladies have to say!!

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