Today Rocks. Why? I'll Tell Ya.

20 November 2009
Despite being T-I-R-E-D and still thinking it's 6 am even when it's really 9 am, today is already off to a fab start.  I wanted to share all of my Miss Mary Sunshiney-ness with you this morning, so get ready.  Have you had your morning cup of coffee?  No?  Well get one because the cheeryness is going to possibly make you want to vomit.
  1. My husband is home from LA.  He came home this morning and let me tell ya, just the pure relief of having another responisble adult in the house makes me happy.  AND he has the day off to spend with us.  Plus, I missed his cute butt and his winning personality.  Plus, this last comment *may* get me a sleeping in tomorrow.  So yeah.
  2. He also came home with a fancy new laptop, tablet writing Acer crazy thing with all kinds of developer {aka geeky stuff} tools on it that is making him extremely happy... compliments of Microsoft.  {Oh and in the interest of full disclosure, Microsoft didn't pay me to say that and his getting the laptop had zero to do with my blog.}  Hi Microsoft, you fucking rock and my husband loves you... in a totally manly way, of course.
  3. Um... greatest rivlary in history, this weekend.  GO BUCKS!!
  4. I know everyone is all geeked about the sparkly vampire, but I get to see The Blind Side today with my mom and my sis and I can not wait!
  5. I have lots of craftiness going on & can't wait to share it with all of you.
  6. My little sis is coming home on Tuesday!
  7. Black Friday is a week from today!
  8. A turkey coma is coming... mmmm.... tuuuuurkey.
  9. I got to cross off more stuff on my 101 Things list!
Tell me why your day is awesome in the comments!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh lots of good reasons as to why today rocks for you! For me only one reason! It's Friday and the week is over!!! I had a brutal week so it's nice to know the weekend is coming and I get to do nothing!

Ashley said...

Hey! I didn't vomit at all and that's a good thing.

Okay so today rocks because hallelujah! I've got wine coming in. Also, my eldest kiddo brought up his reading grades and kept a blue card (which is a good thing) all week long. Oh and our first Turkey Day Dinner is tomorrow so I can't hardly wait for that shit. Do you think it is subliminal that I first typed weight instead of wait in the previous sentence?

Emily said...

Well, I puked this morning, but it had nothing to do with your sunshine-y-ness.

Today rocked because, um, well, it kinda sucked. But I got to take a nap.

How was The Blind Side? I really want to see that.

Michelle said...

Blind Side was awesome. Like so awesome that I would see it again.

Elise said...

whooo i made it in the blog!!! under the buckeyes, the blind side and craftiness but hey i'll take what i can get! today is a good day for me because i get to see my angel nephew in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'm going to see the blind side with dad and christopher on sunday if you really do wanna see it again :)

ps. i think we should try to talk the midget (the OTHER midget) into black friday shopping with us.

Michelle said...

Midge is my BFF so, of course she is invited!

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