The Monica Closet & A Giveaway.

31 March 2009 | 5 Comments
The Monica Closet is truly the bain of my existance. Yes, just like Monica from Friends, we too have a closet filled with all manner of crazy shit. An avalanche of boxes and purses and coats would fall on your head each time you'd reach for something. The sheer amount of crap on the floor was up to my thigh. The Dyson didn't fit. The extra leaf from the table didn't fit. The keyboard (in a giant case I might add) was sitting in our dining room for months. Classy, I know. Don't believe me? Take a look.

My mother just had a heart attack, I am sure. She has helped me clean out this closet already, though we didn't do NEAR enough weeding out or organizing because it was just a matter of months before it was filled again. Having a party and need to stash the pile of mail? Throw it in the closet. Your faux purses from the Bahamas? Throw them in the closet. Coats from high school? In the closet! Picnic basket? Old printer? You can see where this is going... Right there in the closet!

So my magnificent husband spent his very last day of vacation helping me tackle this fiasco. I did swear on my life to NEVER allow it to get to this point again. Our little helper monkey thinks that the closet is now his play area since... get this, he can WALK into it. It is like a room he just discovered. Get this, our Dyson, keyboard, extra table leaf, AND all three of us can fit in there and still move around! We installed shelves at the far end, which helped tremendously. Here are the afters.

OK, now on to the giveaway. I must admit, it's mostly because I have to apologize to you for being a total crap blogger and thanks for hanging in there and still checking in. I don't think I've talked in my blog before about Passion Parties, but I was a consultant not so long ago. When I decided to stay home with Finnegan a year ago, I also gave up the Passion Parties. Well I have two boxes FILLED with all manner of goodies for your fun bits that were in that closet and are not going back in. I have everything from toys to lotions and potions and books and bath stuff. So here is what you do... go to the Passion Parties site (not work safe!) and email me ( with your top 5 wishlist items. Don't forget to tell me flavors if there are choices. If you have more than 5 favorites, send me two emails! If I have one or two or five of your favorites, they are yours! If not, try again with 5 other items! EASY. If you are local, you can pick them up. If you're out of town, I'll send them to you since I want them to go to a good home.
Honey, now you don't have to do that guest blog you've been threatening. I'm back.

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