So Wonderful, So Marvelous: Wholesome TV

15 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Hi! I’m Jen, and I’m your guest blogger for Friday! I don’t have my own fun blog to link to, but I hope I can entertain you anyway.

When M asked me to blog for her, I thought, “WTF am I going to write about that is both wonderful and marvelous?” Then it hit me. I’ll write about a little Canadian TV show called Degrassi. Now, I know this show is aimed at ‘tweens, but it’s SO wonderful and marvelous that I can’t help but be addicted.

It started in 1987 when PBS showed the original Degrassi series. You might remember it. If you don’t, I’m sorry. You’ve missed out.

The original Degrassi followed a group of Canadian kids through junior high and into high school. They faced all sorts of after-school special issues. They had drugs. They had sex. They had alcohol. They had teen pregnancy. Abortion (oh, wait, that was edited out in the US). They even had a rock band. They had cute boys and girls. They conquered all of the issues while still being entertaining, not preachy.

That was the end of Degrassi…until recently. Remember that teen pregnancy? Little Emma is all grown up. She’s in junior high, and on the night of her single mom’s class reunion, she sneaks out to go to a hotel to meet a boy she met on the internet. While Spike’s out watching Joey get into a fight at the reunion with Caitlin’s bigshot fiancĂ©, Emma is discovering internet predators. Thus begins Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Degrassi: TNG features some of the original cast. (Remember that cute kid Joey? Grownup Joey? Yum.) We’ve got the next generation, too, and they’re full of all of the issues the adults faced years ago and then some. We’ve even got more drama that's too controversial for US TV. How many people noticed that Manny was pregnant in one episode, then there were reruns for 3 weeks, and then she wasn’t pregnant anymore? Hmmm…

Where else can we find TV that’s not afraid to tackle rape, bullying, eating disorders, school shootings, abortion, adoption, cutting, testicular cancer, and Kevin Smith? And they do it in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re watching a message. Yeah, the chances are kind of slim that the same group of students at the same small school will have all of these problems – but what other show on TV tackles real issues?

So go grab your popcorn and find The N on TV. Tonight in “Hungry Eyes” Emma’s going to prove to Sean that she’s not the same girl he left behind. Next week in “Pass the Dutchie” Spinner takes comfort in weed, and Darcy needs some comforting, too. How can you go wrong with TV like this?

Don’t get The N? You can watch selected episodes on, or you can get the DVDs through Netflix.

One is Silver & the Other Gold

14 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Hi, ya'll! I'm Bunny Mendelbaum and I'm honored to be guestblogging! You can check out my house renovation antics on my blog.

I like, Amy was very excited to do this! I had notions of find cool new products or services and raving them up, down and sideways here. But then something truly So wonderful, So marvelous happened yesterday, and I discovered a trick that I just must share with as many people as possible.

Here is the trick, it is simple really. So we all have those dear, hilarious friends that now live in another city. We had a blast when we lived close, but now we don't call because frankly, the joy in your friendship was the time you spent together and you just can't do that over the phone.

Enter the internet. The glorious, wonderful internet, add in some ridiculous, petty exhilarating reality TV and BASTA! Friendship is back in all its glory!

So my friend Adam has been begging me to get cable so we can watch Project Runway "together". Here's the backstory on our friendship. Eons ago, I interviewed for a job at an architecture firm in NYC. Adam gave me my CAD test after the interview, we bonded immediately. Turns out we both went to U of Arizona, but he left as I was coming. Fast forward thru 3 years of sitting next to each other sharing an office phone and many, many happy hours to my wedding which he officiated with the most touching, beautiful speeches. I love the guy, and I miss him dearly.

Because hours and hours of our friendship was spent in gay bars drinking rum and watching guys in pink polo shirts, so it was only fitting that we renew our bond by doing the same, but only via the internet. It went a little like this:
Is that a wig? Why is Heidi wearing a bad wig? Who does she think she is? Tyra?
This guy has Something About Mary Hair if you know what I mean...
and an octopus tatoo. WTF?
OMG, enough with the draping already.
LOL. LOL. Could that guy get any gayer? Look at that wrist action!
I can't believe I'm admitting that I like an outfit that involves pantaloons.

etc. etc. etc.

I tell you you must try it. Email that long-lost friend that you still pine for and settle on a trashy TV show (I suggest PR or ANTM (america's next top model)). Next, get on instant messenger. If you don't already have this, just use yahoo's. It is on the same page as it's webmail. And finally, laugh your butts off at the show and catch up turning the commercials. Make it a weekly standing date.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it. That is how fun it was. So let the 21st century revive your old friendships, because just like the girl scouts song:
Make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver and
the other gold.

You are gold Adam. Pure, pleated, synthetic microfiber Gold.

I feel like a teenager whose parents are out of town...

...I can't decide whether to have my boyfriend over to make out, or thow a huge party!
Hello, faithful readers of So wonderful, so marvelous! I'm filling in for M while she soaks up the rays in flo 'RIDA, and I am giddy, GIDDY I tell you, with the opportunity to blog on her behalf. I can't decide whether to give you some Libertarian rantings, an in-depth discussion of recycling and global warming (strangely, not at all related to the proposed Libertarian rantings), or show you some more of my tampon crafts.

Instead, I think I will stick with the theme of bringing you all things wonderful and marvelous, and share with you something that I think is indeed, both of the above. I bring you:
PLAIN CHEERIOS!! More than just a cute British farewell, Cheerios are the most perfect food ever! They are great for breakfast (obviously), a midday meal, even a late night snack! Sometimes, nothing hits the spot, quite like a bowl of delicious whole grain oaty goodness with a splash of ice cold milk. YUM!! Cheerios are fantastic dry as well, and when placed in a ziplock bag, make the perfect traveling companion. I have been saved from falling asleep at the wheel numerous times by the instant pick me up of plain Cheerios.

Cholesterol reducing, lowfat magic in a happy round shape. What could be better?

Anyway, I hope you try a bowl sometime, and think fondly of me. And then, brush your teeth. The last thing you need is some skank-cheerio breath. ;)


Come say hi to ME sometime. Peace out, biotches!

Oh Google, how I love thee...

12 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Aside from the rockinest search engine to hit the internet and the best email ever. Hello, you can group chat! If you have a blog, I highly recommend getting Google Analytics. When I started So Wonderful, So Marvelous, my friend recommended it to me.

It shows you how many hits you're getting a day and from where. Hello to my reader in Rossford, you there in California, oh and you in France!

It also shows you anywhere (shhhh... I won't tell if you don't!) that links to your blog and how many hits per day you're getting from those links. I expect this post will see lots of hits from my clever stalkers, er readers. He he he.

It also shows fun things like which google key words bring new readers to your site. Loads of people want a "baby shower extravaganza" apparently!

It also gives you visiter trending, visitor loyalty, and shows you how many absolutely unique visitors you've had. (176 as of today, woooo!)

Anywho, I highly recommend it for those entering the blog world or those of you who have been here awhile if you don't have it. And thanks to J, you smart cookie, for recommending it to me.

**Note after the fact: You can also use as an alternative to Google Analytics or both!**

Let the games begin

Question: What do the following phrases have in common?

1. Boobs & jeans. Are you wearing heels with those jeans?
2. Journey, Bitch.
3. Hillary Duff left her cell phone behind in the remake of Cinderella.
4. Express Yourself (by Madonna)
5. David Boooooey
Answer: All things heard at GAME NIGHT.
Get your friends together for a game night. Pick a great game (or two or three) and play until you're laughing too hard or you're too tired to stop.
What to play? Scattegories, The Newlywed Game, Battle of the Sexes, Apples to Apples, Catchphrase, or one of the versions of Trivial Pursuit.
What to serve? Buffalo chicken dip, taco dip, pretzles, veges and dip... anything that is munchie and good.
What to drink? Manhattans, beer, sparkling pink lemonade, or a great red wine.
I'm now off to bed, but you can be sure there is a rematch in the making. We better do it before Amanda pops that baby out.


While YKW, the Wonder Baby, and I are on vacation keep checking back for some super guest bloggers. I guarantee that you will be entertained, amused, and may end up scratching your head in wonder. I have given them carte blanche so you never know what you'll get. My guess is that it is going to be good.

Happy Valentine's Day in advance. I found this super CUTE mini spin the bottle kit that is coming to Florida with us. Go out and nab one for your sweetie before the big day.

How old is that in dog years?

Monty won't tell if you won't tell.
Happy Birthday Natalie!!
May this year be filled with laughter, love, friendship, and happiness. I can't wait to see you and celebrate this week... because birthdays are more fun that way.
Oh, and just so everyone knows, you'll always be older than me.

Simpsonize yourself...

07 February 2008 | 0 Comments
YKW loves the Simpsons. Here is the wonder baby as a Simpson's character.
I think he looks like his daddy...

If you are all hot to make yourself into a Simpsons character, you can do it here. All you need is a picture (preferably a close face shot) and some time to screw around. It is highly amusing and I know YKW will be entertained reading this post. Suprise honey! Your baby is yellow, but still cute.

Work it baby...

04 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Please check out THIS BLOG. We had so much fun with our photo shoot with Bridget today. Decisive Moment shot our wedding photos and they are simply AMAZING photographers. They are starting a new adventure with portraits, so book them quickly for your own photo shoot.

Blinged out hot pink birthday wishes!

03 February 2008 | 0 Comments
I present to you... this wonderful masterpiece. OK, so it isn't pretty, but it is hot pink cakey goodness for my girls. I had to add the gold sprinkles for a little bling.

Bunny, happy 30th, I hope you're enjoying Puerto Rico! Kel, happiest birthday wishes a day in advance! And last, but not least, happy birthday to my girl AMY, queen of the tampon angels!

I will be enjoying this cake filled with ameretto and strawberry buttercream at my dad's tonight. Do you think he will wonder why we're eating your birthday cake?  My guess is that he doesn't even ask!

Nothing says love like meat on a stick.

02 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Or at least that is what YKW thinks. As you can see in some of my previous posting, I like to fancy myself quite the cook. Yummy meals are lovingly prepared for YKW and the wonder baby each night. OK, we all know that is bullshit, but I digress.

This is what happens when YKW lovingly prepares a meal for me. At 9:30 at night. After I tell him that I have a bit of a stomach ache. And I am dead tired. And we searched for mac n' cheese and didn't find any. Because that is what Meme always made me when I was feeling wonky and she rescued me from Mrs. McCormak the school nurse.

In his defense, he did let me take a bath tonight while he watched the midget. I do believe it is one of maybe 3 baths I have gotten to take by my own self since having Finnegan, so that is a bonus.

Silver linings people... sometimes we really need to do some searching to find them.

Just Call Me The Bag Lady

01 February 2008 | 0 Comments
Those Irish. Their green island of Guiness and potatoes and their environmental consciousness. It is no wonder why YKW (you know who) and I went there for our honeymoon. Wait... environmental consciousness? The Irish?

My friend sent me this link. Who woulda thunk it?

Incidently, YKW and I have been using these fabulous bags. You can pack a helluva lot of groceries in them which minimizes your trips to and from the car. Yep. Even YKW, who swears the democrats have invented global warming in their tree hugging little minds, is on board with reusable bags.


The wonder baby just might be ready for the "big" snow storm. Here is hoping that husband gets a snow day too. All this gearing up for the big snow in makes me pretty sure that it will all end up as rain and we'll have a 7-11 slushie day instead of a winter wonderland.

Spell With Flickr

I super puffy heart Spell With Flickr. I am using it to create all manner of fun things. Think of the fantastic possibilities... husband may have this as a card in his 5 senses Valentine. All images are from flickr.

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