Let the games begin

12 February 2008

Question: What do the following phrases have in common?

1. Boobs & jeans. Are you wearing heels with those jeans?
2. Journey, Bitch.
3. Hillary Duff left her cell phone behind in the remake of Cinderella.
4. Express Yourself (by Madonna)
5. David Boooooey
Answer: All things heard at GAME NIGHT.
Get your friends together for a game night. Pick a great game (or two or three) and play until you're laughing too hard or you're too tired to stop.
What to play? Scattegories, The Newlywed Game, Battle of the Sexes, Apples to Apples, Catchphrase, or one of the versions of Trivial Pursuit.
What to serve? Buffalo chicken dip, taco dip, pretzles, veges and dip... anything that is munchie and good.
What to drink? Manhattans, beer, sparkling pink lemonade, or a great red wine.
I'm now off to bed, but you can be sure there is a rematch in the making. We better do it before Amanda pops that baby out.

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