I feel like a teenager whose parents are out of town...

14 February 2008
...I can't decide whether to have my boyfriend over to make out, or thow a huge party!
Hello, faithful readers of So wonderful, so marvelous! I'm filling in for M while she soaks up the rays in flo 'RIDA, and I am giddy, GIDDY I tell you, with the opportunity to blog on her behalf. I can't decide whether to give you some Libertarian rantings, an in-depth discussion of recycling and global warming (strangely, not at all related to the proposed Libertarian rantings), or show you some more of my tampon crafts.

Instead, I think I will stick with the theme of bringing you all things wonderful and marvelous, and share with you something that I think is indeed, both of the above. I bring you:
PLAIN CHEERIOS!! More than just a cute British farewell, Cheerios are the most perfect food ever! They are great for breakfast (obviously), a midday meal, even a late night snack! Sometimes, nothing hits the spot, quite like a bowl of delicious whole grain oaty goodness with a splash of ice cold milk. YUM!! Cheerios are fantastic dry as well, and when placed in a ziplock bag, make the perfect traveling companion. I have been saved from falling asleep at the wheel numerous times by the instant pick me up of plain Cheerios.

Cholesterol reducing, lowfat magic in a happy round shape. What could be better?

Anyway, I hope you try a bowl sometime, and think fondly of me. And then, brush your teeth. The last thing you need is some skank-cheerio breath. ;)


Come say hi to ME sometime. Peace out, biotches!

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