Um. Patriotism, S'mores, n'Stuff.

06 July 2009 | 0 Comments

Happy 4th, errr... 6th of July! We spent Independence Day in high style up on my mom's roof where the mojitos are strong, the hot dogs and purple chicken are plentiful, and s'more making is an artform.

After Finnegan was born, my mom and Rico stopped having huge parties up on the roof for the 4th and instead we have a quiet(ish) family dinner on the roof, followed by the best firework watching in town. Click here for a round up of last year's festivities. I kid you not, it's like a movie screen filled with fireworks right in front of your eyes. No neck craning. No porta potties. No fighting for a spot of grass.
The boys even used Papa Rico's tickets and went across the street to catch a few innings of the Hen's game in between dinner and the main attraction.
Finn actually behaved after Captain Safety (aka: Lyndsey) told him that if he stepped off the deck, gators were going to eat his feet. Nothing like a scared shitless 2 year old to harken in the celebration of our nation's independence. Right?

All in all it was a great, quiet (except for the BOOMING fireworks) night and let's face it... you can't beat the views.

Hope you had a safe, happy wonderful 4th!

Dear Blog,

03 July 2009 | 5 Comments
I miss you. I really do. I'm not sure why you've been pushed aside like an old toy, but I was reading you tonight and laughing and finding recipes that I totally wanted to use again and wondering why I ever gave you up. Sure, you're time consuming, but you're also a fun reminder of how things really were. Just the pictures of Finnegan alone made me smile. I'm thinking of coming back to you. Don't get excited, maybe just slowly at first. A post here and a post there. I still have Finn's 2nd birthday to document and Elise's grad party and Annabelle's fundraiser and Megan's wedding... enough to keep me busy. And then there is the whole do I keep it private or make it public thing. Is it worth it to go through and scrub real names? Is anyone besides Em still checking in (and giving me shit for not posting!) from time to time?
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