Because Sometimes You Need Thanksgiving

30 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Sometimes you just need Thanksgiving in January. We cooked a stuffed turkey breast for dinner tonight and it was so good. The only thing we were missing was the green bean cassarole, but we couldn't justify making a whole batch for just the two of us. Even the wonder baby got in on the Thanksgiving action.

God Love Those Belgians

and their delightful beers. When I was an exchange student I fell for a hot little Belgian named Lindemans Framboise. When I came home many many moons ago, I would long for some. Now I can pop over to the Anderson's and buy some. I can also get it on tap and in several local bars. Every sip takes me back to the Pot au Lait in Liege.

For those not in the know, Belgium's national drink is BEER. Beers of all lovely varieties. I went to Belgium hating beer and came back with an appreciation.

So those Belgians do some weird stuff with their beers. You can get a framboise (raspberry), peche (peach), pomme (apple), kriek (cherry). You can also order up a mazut, which is a 50/50 mix of beer and Coke. Beer and coke? Blasphemy, you say? Well don't knock it till you try it sister. Anywho, in addition you can get a tasty little mix called a tango, which is grenadine and beer. Again... you never know till you try.

Check out the Daily Hops site for great beer reviews.

Moo, Baa, La La La

29 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Tomorrow starts the wonder baby's book group. I'm hoping that he doesn't
a. throw a fit at the library because he is missing nap time
b. do anything like try to pull my boob out while enjoying a story
c. fill his diaper with the corn and pasta from tonights dinner

Just look at how much he loves his books...

And if you want to get your own copy of Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton, click here.

Baby Shower Extravaganza

28 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Here are a few pics from the baby shower this weekend. The new parents were thrilled with all of the fun baby gifts! Here is the set up before all the guests arrived.

Here is the dessert buffet with mini cheesecakes, mini cupcakes, creme puffs, and candies.

I made mini cupcake flags. They were really easy and turned out super cute! In case you can't read them, it said "Oh baby!" and Amanda's shower underneath.

We had two punch varieties that we served in two gallon old fashioned candy jars. One "adult" which was frozen cosmos, cranberry twist mixer, vodka, and cran apple juice. The other "baby" was cranberry juice, orange juice, ginger ale, and rainbow sherbet.

The favors were baby food jars (I used Gerber Organic) filled with Jelly Belly candies.

All in all, I think it was a big success. They got tons of great gifts for the baby and everyone enjoyed themselves.

And the gorgeous mommy & daddy are featured HERE with their thank you signs made by yours truly.

Maxed Out

25 January 2008 | 0 Comments
If you have not seen this movie, I highly highly highly recommend it. You can visit the official movie site here. This documentary explores the nation's credit card debt. It is heartbreaking, enlightening, and awe inspiring to watch.

Valentine's Day Challenge

24 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Our family is spending Valentine's Day in Florida, but so wonderful, so marvelous husband and I are taking a Valentine's Day challenge. In an effort to not take each other for granted, we're thinking out our Valentine's Day gifts to each other. The object is to find gifts for each of the five senses that the other will truly love. Touch, scent, sight, hearing, & taste... I *wish* I could share my ideas here, but he reads my bloggerific blogging so I will need to share AFTER the big day.
If YOU were taking this challenge with your significant other what would you give for each of the five senses? Leave it in the comments...

Manic Monday

22 January 2008 | 0 Comments
This is what I do on Monday nights when I am bored. Actually, these are a test for the big BABY shower extravaganza this weekend. These are the mini version, I think they turned out pretty dang cute.
Here is my recipe for quick and EASY buttercreme frosting, just throw it all into the Kitchen Aid and whip it up:
1 stick unsalted butter
1 teaspoon of the best vanilla you can find
3 1/2 cups confectioners sugar
2-3 tablespoons of milk or cream
food coloring (I use the gel, you may need to lessen the milk if you use the liquid)

Tote Time

I am a sucker for bags. I'll admit it, I have a problem. My newest obsession? These two fun (and CHEAP) totes from Old Navy. The large (green) is big enough to put the wonder baby in and tote him around. I kid you not. Here is the evidence.
The grey one is big enough for a small weekend bag or a trip to the beach, and it is only a cool $10 right now!


16 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Dear John Legend,

Not only are you hot as can be, but your voice is like silk. If I weren't married to you know who, I would totally hook up with you. You were so hot on the Today Show this morning that even my coffee seemed icy. Hoda was one lucky girl.

Whew. For those of you not in the know... go out and get his new CD, Live from Philadelphia. Oh, and to you know who... The Fabulous Mr. Legend has been added to my "list" so if the opportunity ever arises (pun very much intended) I'm there.

Sticky. You're So Sweet.

15 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Ok, so husband and I went to Ireland and Paris for our honeymoon. Twelve glorious days puttering around both places, it was fantastic. We decided to have a fancy schmancy dinner one night in Ireland. We capped off the meal with desserts that sounded insanely decadent, my choice? Sticky. Toffee. Pudding. I am salivating at the thought.
So... this brings us to Christmas this year. As a suprise for me, husband's grandma:
1. finds a place in the US that makes it.

2. has said company ship TWO of the most lovely cakes to her for Christmas dinner.

3. does all of the above sans internet.

Does she sound like the SWEETEST most incredible woman on the face of the planet? Because she is.

If you would like to enjoy this decadent, incredible, lovely treasure yourself... here is where she got it! Also, I would avoid reading what is in the STP before sampling it. It sounds less appetizing on paper than what it tastes like. Plop some crazy expensive and lovely vanilla ice cream or some homemade whipped cream on it and you've got yourself an orgasm on a plate.

Move Over June...

11 January 2008 | 0 Comments
Today is my official last day at my j-o-b. I could not be more excited if you plopped a million dollars down in front of me. Ok, ok. So I am going to miss the people tremendously (most of them at least), but seriously I get to hang out with the most fun child in the world daily now. What could be cooler than that? Do you think I should let husband know I quit? Kidding! Of course I will tell him later. So thus begins my adventure. I hope you will pop in from time to time to see how it is going.

Platex for Christmas

04 January 2008 | 0 Comments

On the first day of Christmas, my true friend gave to meeeee, some Playtex for my tree. As promised a tutorial for how to make your very own TAMPON ANGEL this Christmas.

She maintains that the most important thing is choosing the right plug for your project. Not just any old tampon will do. The evidence in these pictures show what kind of sad little angel you could end up with if you go with an off-brand. Her claim is that Playtex makes the superior angel product, so trust no other lest you end up with a deflated looking non-absorbant ornament.

Step 1 - Wet the tampon

Step 2 - Allow to dry and fluff a bit

Step 3 - Cut the top off of the aplicator (this will be your angel's face). Feed it over the now dry tampon.

Step 4 - DECORATE! Add pipe cleaner wings, hair, googlie eyes, etc... this is the creative and fun part.

Amy highly recommends this site for additional information and inspiration.

Rock On Baby.

Why I didn't know about and partake in these INCREDIBLE baby announcements is beyond me. I think I see a Finn's first birthday invitation... You can find this and a myriad of other totally insane, fun announcements at Rattle N Roll.
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