Platex for Christmas

04 January 2008

On the first day of Christmas, my true friend gave to meeeee, some Playtex for my tree. As promised a tutorial for how to make your very own TAMPON ANGEL this Christmas.

She maintains that the most important thing is choosing the right plug for your project. Not just any old tampon will do. The evidence in these pictures show what kind of sad little angel you could end up with if you go with an off-brand. Her claim is that Playtex makes the superior angel product, so trust no other lest you end up with a deflated looking non-absorbant ornament.

Step 1 - Wet the tampon

Step 2 - Allow to dry and fluff a bit

Step 3 - Cut the top off of the aplicator (this will be your angel's face). Feed it over the now dry tampon.

Step 4 - DECORATE! Add pipe cleaner wings, hair, googlie eyes, etc... this is the creative and fun part.

Amy highly recommends this site for additional information and inspiration.

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