Sticky. You're So Sweet.

15 January 2008
Ok, so husband and I went to Ireland and Paris for our honeymoon. Twelve glorious days puttering around both places, it was fantastic. We decided to have a fancy schmancy dinner one night in Ireland. We capped off the meal with desserts that sounded insanely decadent, my choice? Sticky. Toffee. Pudding. I am salivating at the thought.
So... this brings us to Christmas this year. As a suprise for me, husband's grandma:
1. finds a place in the US that makes it.

2. has said company ship TWO of the most lovely cakes to her for Christmas dinner.

3. does all of the above sans internet.

Does she sound like the SWEETEST most incredible woman on the face of the planet? Because she is.

If you would like to enjoy this decadent, incredible, lovely treasure yourself... here is where she got it! Also, I would avoid reading what is in the STP before sampling it. It sounds less appetizing on paper than what it tastes like. Plop some crazy expensive and lovely vanilla ice cream or some homemade whipped cream on it and you've got yourself an orgasm on a plate.

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