God Love Those Belgians

30 January 2008
and their delightful beers. When I was an exchange student I fell for a hot little Belgian named Lindemans Framboise. When I came home many many moons ago, I would long for some. Now I can pop over to the Anderson's and buy some. I can also get it on tap and in several local bars. Every sip takes me back to the Pot au Lait in Liege.

For those not in the know, Belgium's national drink is BEER. Beers of all lovely varieties. I went to Belgium hating beer and came back with an appreciation.

So those Belgians do some weird stuff with their beers. You can get a framboise (raspberry), peche (peach), pomme (apple), kriek (cherry). You can also order up a mazut, which is a 50/50 mix of beer and Coke. Beer and coke? Blasphemy, you say? Well don't knock it till you try it sister. Anywho, in addition you can get a tasty little mix called a tango, which is grenadine and beer. Again... you never know till you try.

Check out the Daily Hops site for great beer reviews.

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