Oh Google, how I love thee...

12 February 2008
Aside from the rockinest search engine to hit the internet and the best email ever. Hello, you can group chat! If you have a blog, I highly recommend getting Google Analytics. When I started So Wonderful, So Marvelous, my friend recommended it to me.

It shows you how many hits you're getting a day and from where. Hello to my reader in Rossford, you there in California, oh and you in France!

It also shows you anywhere (shhhh... I won't tell if you don't!) that links to your blog and how many hits per day you're getting from those links. I expect this post will see lots of hits from my clever stalkers, er readers. He he he.

It also shows fun things like which google key words bring new readers to your site. Loads of people want a "baby shower extravaganza" apparently!

It also gives you visiter trending, visitor loyalty, and shows you how many absolutely unique visitors you've had. (176 as of today, woooo!)

Anywho, I highly recommend it for those entering the blog world or those of you who have been here awhile if you don't have it. And thanks to J, you smart cookie, for recommending it to me.

**Note after the fact: You can also use http://www.statcounter.com/ as an alternative to Google Analytics or both!**

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