One is Silver & the Other Gold

14 February 2008
Hi, ya'll! I'm Bunny Mendelbaum and I'm honored to be guestblogging! You can check out my house renovation antics on my blog.

I like, Amy was very excited to do this! I had notions of find cool new products or services and raving them up, down and sideways here. But then something truly So wonderful, So marvelous happened yesterday, and I discovered a trick that I just must share with as many people as possible.

Here is the trick, it is simple really. So we all have those dear, hilarious friends that now live in another city. We had a blast when we lived close, but now we don't call because frankly, the joy in your friendship was the time you spent together and you just can't do that over the phone.

Enter the internet. The glorious, wonderful internet, add in some ridiculous, petty exhilarating reality TV and BASTA! Friendship is back in all its glory!

So my friend Adam has been begging me to get cable so we can watch Project Runway "together". Here's the backstory on our friendship. Eons ago, I interviewed for a job at an architecture firm in NYC. Adam gave me my CAD test after the interview, we bonded immediately. Turns out we both went to U of Arizona, but he left as I was coming. Fast forward thru 3 years of sitting next to each other sharing an office phone and many, many happy hours to my wedding which he officiated with the most touching, beautiful speeches. I love the guy, and I miss him dearly.

Because hours and hours of our friendship was spent in gay bars drinking rum and watching guys in pink polo shirts, so it was only fitting that we renew our bond by doing the same, but only via the internet. It went a little like this:
Is that a wig? Why is Heidi wearing a bad wig? Who does she think she is? Tyra?
This guy has Something About Mary Hair if you know what I mean...
and an octopus tatoo. WTF?
OMG, enough with the draping already.
LOL. LOL. Could that guy get any gayer? Look at that wrist action!
I can't believe I'm admitting that I like an outfit that involves pantaloons.

etc. etc. etc.

I tell you you must try it. Email that long-lost friend that you still pine for and settle on a trashy TV show (I suggest PR or ANTM (america's next top model)). Next, get on instant messenger. If you don't already have this, just use yahoo's. It is on the same page as it's webmail. And finally, laugh your butts off at the show and catch up turning the commercials. Make it a weekly standing date.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it. That is how fun it was. So let the 21st century revive your old friendships, because just like the girl scouts song:
Make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver and
the other gold.

You are gold Adam. Pure, pleated, synthetic microfiber Gold.

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