9 Things that make me wonder what the world is coming to.

23 November 2009
So first, yay it's Monday.  For those of you at work, including my poor husband who is back in the office after almost two weeks of vacation & his conference, {hi honey!} at least it's a short week.  For those of you at home, ummm... you don't get a Thanksgiving break from your job.  But, you DO get turkey, so you've got that going for you.

Now that the niceties are over, can I ask what the hell the world is coming to?  Specifically, the following annoyances:
  1. Taylor Swift won artist of the year for the AMAs this year.  Really?  Over Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, Eminem, & Lady Gaga?  I can't deal.  I mean ok, she's popular, the whole Kanye thing even amped up the publicity, but dude, she's not the best singer in the world.  For realsies.
  2. Speidi.  What the?  I want to kick anyone in the shins that gives them an ounce of publicity. {Yes, I see the irony of that statement, since I am blogging this.}  Because really, the 15 minutes?  It's up.  And thank heaven above I don't have cable because I can remain semi-ignorant of those ass clowns. {Plus, people like Jon & Kate, the OctoMom, the real housewives of *insert city here*, and lots of other reality tv trashy crap.}
  3. Levi Johnston & Sarah Palin.  Jesus, Mary, & Joseph... both of you should concentrate on parenting your respective children and shut the hell up.  Sarah darling, I'm pretty sure you are not a regular old hockey mom if you live in a multimillion dollar home on a lake and own a plane.  Levi, clearly you have issues with keeping your pants on, in Playgirl and with your teenage girlfriend.
  4. Timezones.  It really screws me up to be awake at 1:44 am after being home 5 days already and still not re-adjusted.  {I am, however, enjoying the sleeping in till 9... thanks Finn!}
  5. Cleaning.  Laundry.  Dishes.  I don't like you.  If I didn't want a new car shortly, I would sooo still be having Lori come clean the house regularly.  My bloggy BFF feels the same way.  And add putting all my furniture back after cleaning the carpets.
  6. The crappy water department of the city I live in who forgot to bill me for the second quarter AND can't effing mail something on time.  I kid you not, they sent my bill {plus the second quarter bill} and the due date was the next day because it took them 10 days to drop the thing in the mail.  No wonder my idiot effing mayor is having issues balancing the budget, they don't have money coming in.
  7. Shitty, awful things happening to good people.  Anissa is someone who has touched so many people through her writing and her ability to be hilarious and touching all in one post.  It's a rare combo and one I hope we get to have back as soon as humanly possible.  Please say a prayer.
  8. Teenage girls.  I know I am a former one, but hey there is only so much high pitched screaming my ear drums can take and waiting in line for hours to see a sparkly vampire?  I just don't get it.  Add to it the self absorbed attitude and we've got a trifecta of crazy.  Wow, I'm glad we have a boy. 
  9. My {fruitless} quest to find cute black sneakers {the fashion kind that are more like shoes} that are not totally expensive, are crazy comfortable for walking around town, and also look cute.  If you can point me in the direction of these mythical creatures, please do!
 Well, this sure counteracted the nice happy Friday post, no?  Happy Monday!  Feel free to leave a comment about what is annoying you this morning!


Elise said...

i could give you more reasons why life is so beautiful =) though I do agree that Taylor is not the best singer, Speidi makes me embarrassed to be a human and WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH TWILIGHT???!!! Today, at our Jr. Panhellenic meeting we spent more time talking about the twilight movie than the complete bomb of a charity event we held on thursday...why was it such a bust? BECAUSE IT WAS ON THURSDAY...the night twilight came out. blessings in a backpack of lexington recieved about 50 cans and 100 dollars...while the box offices made 70.5 million dollars this weekend. yay world we live in!

good news: i will be home to spend a perfect week with my family in 3 days. tell the finnster i can't wait to see him!!!! love&miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Timezones. F' em. Driving between eastern and central screws me up for a few days. And that's only an hour difference!

Unknown said...

ummmm I think we were seperated at birth...for realsies!

stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Maybe georgie and I were triplets with you! Re: Taylor Swift, the AMAs are based on sales, unlike the Grammys where the artists vote.
And I'm all over Elise's comment about Twilight! The producers could have done something good by requiring a canned good or unwrapped toy to buy advance tickets or 1st weekend tickets..

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