Four Hundred & A Giveaway.

24 November 2009
So this is what 400 posts looks like, eh?  I know it should have been sooner, but let's face it there were months this year that I had just lost my bloggy mojo.  I blame Facebook.  So in honor of this momentous occassion, I have gathered for you, a few of my favorite {So Wonderful, So Marvelous} posts over the last two years.  I wish this were going to be an insightful, lovely post for you to enjoy, but why start now?

In honor of the upcoming Christmas season, compliments of the lovely Miss Amy... How To Make A Tampon Angel

The hilarious package that arrived in my mail one day from the fun one.

This beauty about my mother that explains the warped-ness that is where I come from.

A love note for my husband.

Dave's outdoor movie party was so much fun, I want to do this one over again.

Man did this make me feel good!

Just thinking about vanilla lime iced tea makes me want some.

Finnegan's Dr Seuss party... already thinking about how to top it next year.

And just in time for Thanksgiving, Thankful thoughts from last year.

So, in the spirit of giving, I'm offering a teeny little giveaway to celebrate. 

These cute little frames {there are tons more colors and styles} will be on sale at a Holiday Bazaar in our area along with my irreverent {& highly amusing} note & greeting cards.  So, one of you will win one of the frames.  Another will win a pack of these saucy little note cards {to delight and annoy your friends!} and maybe a pack of the sassy note cards {a little less overt} to go with it.  And because I hate to half ass anything, there may be a few other little surprises in there too.


Here is the nitty gritty... to win you need to leave a comment telling me what you would like to see more of on {So Wonderful, So Marvelous}, a question you've always wanted to ask, OR what your favorite post has been... there are 400 to choose from!  For an extra entry {or two or three}, you can blog and/or tweet this and leave me another comment with the link OR you can become a follower and leave me a comment saying that.  I will choose the winners on Tuesday, December 1. 

Ta Daaaaaa!  400 posts! *You can totally imagine me doing the Mary Catherine Gallagher SUPERSTAR pose here.*


Ashley said...

I went back and read each and every one and I thing you are absolutely wonderful! I don't care if I win or not, I'm just bowled over by your talents and personality. I had no idea you made cards, and I love your brand of humor.

Congrats on 400! If I was drinking right now (7:30am) I would toast you.

Ashley said...

excuse me...think, not thing. maybe I am drunk.

Emily said...

I want to see a post on giving your totally clueless friend ideas on how to decorate her new house.

And can I get an extra entry for being like you and refusing to twitter (tweet? whatever.)?

Jackie said...

Congrats Michelle! You are freakin' hilarious and I love ya. I would love to see more dinner party ideas with reicpes and table ideas. You are super creative and I too did not know you did your own cards but would love some!

Brittany said...


Sigh. One day, Michelle. One day.

Just like your aversion to Fcaebook.

And we all now how THAT turned out.

P.S. Congrats!

SnoopyMeg said...

Um......can my favorite be one of yours? Cause I have to say if anything sums up my relationship with you it would involve making tampon angels...

Kelly said...

I commented once and it didn't post. Anyhoo, the entry I really admired was the one you wrote for Elise on her 18th birthday it just showed what a great relationship you guys had and I totally had tears from reading it! =0)

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