Finnegan's Seussical 2nd Birthday!

27 April 2009
{Edited Jan 2010:  UPDATED POST HERE}

Remember this?

Well, here is the real live version of my Dr Seuss inspired party board. A Seussical time was had by all!

The food was great and because I am slightly OCD in the party planning department we came up with names for everything we served and had little tags saying what it was and which book it was from!

Here is the menu:
Thing 1 & Thing 2 BBQ - pulled pork
Praries of Prax - coleslaw
Poodles with Noodles - pasta salad
Diffendoofer Fruit Salad
Yot in a Pot - baked beans
Schlott's Knotts - rolls
Green Eggs - deviled eggs dyed green by Bakka
A crumb that was even too small for a mouse - empty plate
Pink Ink Yink Drink - pink lemonade
Beezlenut Splash - iced tea

And the awesome dessert display!
The dessert menu:
Valley of the Vungs Chocolate Rock Blocks - brownie bites
Who Cakes - cupcakes
ABCs of Seuss Cookies - frosted cookies with ABCs on them
Yertle's Caramel Turtles - Rolo turtle candies

Since we had a pretty big mix of ages (from 1 - 87) we wanted really simple games and activities. We set up Finn's ball pit and tunnel activity set so the little ones could play. We also had crayons and giant coloring pages set up along with every Seuss book known to man for reading. We had this sign and 4 jars set up in the entryway along with pieces of paper for people to guess the correct number of candies in the jar.

These adorable cupcake toppers were made by Cassandra in her Etsy Shop! I found her by doing a request for Seuss ideas on Etsy and her concepts won me over. She went above and beyond to help me come up with a fantastic invitation and also these cute cupcake toppers. She was SO quick and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!

Another Etsy find! Along with my request for Seuss ideas came this BRILLIANT idea from Mommy's Little Critters. She made me red & blue fish soap! She was also awesome to work with, she gave me an endless list of scents to choose from, I went with cotton candy and blueberry. Even months later they still smell awesome and the kids thought they were very cool! I designed the cute favor tags and packaged them up and put them into the favor bags.

And here are the favor bags! I ordered Seuss hat tags and glued them on to bags that we filled with awesome Seuss stuffed animals that we bought at Kohl's during their Kohl's Kids fundraiser... thank you so much to DentaLori for calling me to tip me off about this! Our original idea was to purchase Dr Seuss books for all of the kids at Costco, but they stopped carrying the 4 pack of board books just before I needed them! We also included m&m's just in case someone didn't win the count the m&m game above, they wouldn't be left out!

We printed images of Dr Seuss book covers and had them sitting on the tables.

"Finn - I - Am" paper bunting I made and strung with some of the extra Dr Seuss hats I had left over from the favor bags.

We had a table set up at the entrance with Dr Seuss' Happy Birthday To You book and this sign. We asked guests to write a message to Finn on any of the pages and had lots of really colorful sharpie markers set up. There are some great entries and he's going to be able to keep the book forever.

Sign in the entryway says "Welcome To Seussville! Mayor Finn is 2!"

We had a smash cake for Finn... he apparently didn't get the memo that he was supposed to smash and went for a fork instead! I also had paper bunting around his high chair. He wore a Hop on Pop t-shirt. Daddy had a Wocket In My Pocket t-shirt. We also had Thing 1 and Thing 2 and other funny Seuss shirts show up.

Aunt Lisey and Midge in their Seussical t-shirts!

There are some unbelievably creative ideas you can do with a Dr Seuss theme. My biggest problem was narrowing down to the best stuff. I highly recommend it as a theme.


Sharon said...

Holy Cow, this is incredible!! You totally rocked the Seuss Theme!! I'm going to have to start planning now for our little man's birthday next March... And I might steal some of your gems!

I'm really impressed!

Ashley said...

Do you party plan for a living? Everything I've seen from you is utterly fantastic. I will be picking your brain this summer for Stella's 2nd bday and again in two years when the hubs turns 30.

Jameson's Mama said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking everywhere for ideas for my son's Dr Seuss 1st birthday party. I had a ton of ideas, but I was really having a hard time with the menu. After searching through 7 google pages (and clicking on almost every one), I FINALLY found your site. I hope you don't mind, but I'm copying your menu, and the idea with the "Happy Birthday to You" book is awesome. You did an amazing job & I hope our party turns out half as good! Thank you for sharing!

Michelle said...

Jameson's Mama, I was going to send you an email back but you have your email disabled in blogger. You're more than welcome to steal the menu & thank you for the compliments! Plus, I was JUST in Kohl's a couple days ago and they have the Seuss characters again so head over there and pick up the $5 stuffed animals! And stop back to leave me a comment so I can see your party.

Kathryn said...

oh my goodness what a fun party! i'm in the same boat as jamesons mama. my sons first birthday is at the end of the month, seuss theme, been googling for MONTHS and came across yours today. i love everything you did! thank you for sharing your genius ideas with the world :) i'll be heading to kohls later today ;) and i'm hoping to order the fish soap, if my hubby doesn't they're silly, lol. you wouldn't happen to have the soap tags available for purchase do you? and the hat tags for the bags, are those from oriental trading? i came across those earlier today in my search. email me katydi21 at hotmail dot com. thank you!

Michelle said...

Kathryn, Costco also now has the Seuss book packs again! I was planning on doing those and wrapping them individually for the kids favors. It would cost out at much less per child if you want a less costly alternative.

Jameson's Mama said...

Thank you so much! I just ordered the books & I'm going to try to get to Kohl's tomorrow!

Jameson's Mama said...

By the way, my email address is I couldn't figure out how to add it.

tiff said...

cute. cute. cute. seussical birthday! you are a creative mama...i love it all. i really like the poem that invites the guests to sign the Happy Birthday book...that is fabulous!

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