EGG on my burger, but not on my face.

02 April 2009

We ventured to Red Robin and I have been thouroughly intrigued by the thought of the Royal burger. But I was scared. Egg on your burger? Really? I mean it's just plain weird. So I asked the waitress and she convinced me to give it a try. Here it is in all of it's eggy, baconey goodness.

The result? It was interesting. I made it about halfway through because lets face it, those suckers are too big for anyone to eat. Next time I'll go back to my standard favorite or two, but I am glad I tried it. The only weird part is when you're eating it, you're expecting sausage, like an egg mcmuffin, but instead you get burger. So there you have it. Oh and in case you are wondering, that up there at the top is a cherry limeade. They rival Sonic's.

**For those of you who have emailed me your list of the top 5 Passion Parties items you'd like, I will let you know on Monday which items are yours. The giveaway is open until this Sunday, so pick out that wishlist! There are a few of you who are getting some goodies, but there are plenty of things left! Stuff for you, stuff for you and a partner, there are all kinds of goodies that need a great home.**

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Kelly said...

The Royal is J's favorite burger from there. I've tried it, but prefer others.

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