What NINE looks like.

01 April 2009
We celebrated my nephew Dylan's 9th birthday at Pizza Papalis. The pizza was amazing, though the deep dish looked a little scary for me, it was about 2 inches thick and that is just entirely too much cheese and sauce for my liking, but the boys enjoyed it. Dylan ordered chicken. At a pizza place. For his birthday. You can't beat being NINE.

Lyndsey and I made technicolor cupcakes. They were very cool looking. Next time, I'll go a little less Jerry Garcia, but there will be a repeat or two in the future. Lyndsey did the mixing... there were a few pieces of gel coloring that weren't *quite* mixed in and resulted in some blue and yellow tongues. There are reasons she doesn't bake. They were still tasty.

Especially when covered with chocolate frosting, a number 9, gold sprinkle sugar, and a twirly candle. In green (of course) because that is Dylan's favorite color.

There was lots of singing and lots of embarassment. After all... he's NINE. And we are LOUD.

Aaaaaand last but not least... this is what FOURTEEN looks like.
Ah, the angst ridden face kills me.

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