Communication & Santa Baby {2009 Edition}

09 November 2009
Folks, my marriage works better when I communicate.  Tell you my hatred of foul smelling star-gazer lillies?  Oh, you mean, so I am not disappointed and sound like an ungrateful bitch when I get flowers from you?  What I want in bed?  Sure, I'll tell you cause, uh yeah nevermind, my mother reads this blog.  When I want you to please stop squeezing the toothpaste from the middle because it drives me insane and causes really petty fights that can totally be avoided?  What our long term financial goals are? We should discuss that?  All things I have learned to communicate instead of putting the assinine unreal expecatation hoping that he'll be a mind reader and just KNOW because he should just KNOW these things!  Right?  Wrong!

So, call us stupid, but that goes for gift giving too.  It makes it easier on my husband, it makes me happier, and I have to add that he usually throws in an amazing surprise {or two} that he's come up with completely on his own.  He also passes my wishlist ideas on to people that don't know what to get me because I might be slightly hard to buy for, or something like that. 

For what it is worth, it makes me insanely happy when he does stuff like writing me romantic letters, making me cards rather than buying them, and doing other crafty stuff because he just isn't wired that way.  That's when I know he's taking time, putting in some massive effort and doing it soley because even after all these years, he's still in love with me.  So the shopping part, I cut him some slack and give him ideas. 

Without further ado, I give you Things I want for Christmas, the 2009 Edition!

   Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste {link & photo from Williams-Sonoma}  I was totally turned on to this from Bridget at Bake at 350, now it's a staple in my baking supplies.  By the way, go over and check out her insane cookie skills, she even teaches YOU how to do it step by step.  Love her site. 
Sleep - Black Chamomile Pillow Mist  {link & photo from Bath & Body Works}  This smells manly and yummy and is totally relaxing and sexy all at once.

Crazy Love CD  Hot.  Sexy.  Voice.

Obsolete by: Anna Jane Grossman {I don't even mind a used copy!}

Ooooooh GORGEOUS Mini Rosebud Pins in Pewter Grey from Etsy seller Heart of Light!

The Supersoft Lacy Nightgown from Gap in black  {Link & Photo from The Gap}

This one is just about sold out, so act fast... It looks so inviting and comfy and warm. Yoga Wrap Hoodie Black from Old Navy {link & photo from Old Navy}

A Massage, from a professional.  Though, one from you would be good too.

A House Cleaning From Lori!

Our Will {finally} Drafted

A Pedicure {Hour} at Beauty Bar

Amaretto votives from Curb's Candle Company

Paris.  {You know, just in case Santa is really listening.}


marymac said...

It's cool if I send my husband a link and tell him it's my Xmas list too, yes?! ;)

Michelle said...

Ummm hell yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah. As if I needed another dessert blog to read. I am in love with Bake at 350. Thanks M :)

Michelle said...

Isn't she fabulous Steph?? I love that she shows you how to do things! It makes me think... hey, even I could do that!

Anonymous said...

It made me think, "Hmm, how can I adapt this for a dog treat?" Yeah, I have a one track mind :)

Amy said...

I never understood the toothpaste thing. It's not like it's really expensive, and you can't just each have your own! We don't even like the same KIND of toothpaste, because my husband is a communist. ;)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

those hair pins are adorable!

Grace said...

I completely agree with the toothpaste thing. Is it so hard for anyone to push from the bottom up, especially when it is half gone and the flat end should serve as a hint?

Ashley said...

This is a great idea! But Warren doesn't read my blog and gets irrationally mad if he even glimpses a few sentences of it (he's cuckoo like that). Anyways, I totally want that nightie and hoody and the pins. Actually all of it would be nice. Hope Santa's good to you this year.

Shannon said...

Star-gazers, yuck!!!

Last week a friend was trying to figure out what to get her husband for his birthday, as we were talking she sent him a text to ask. His reply? "Get me things I like". I have to say, it was a good answer.

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