Really? You Say Ya'll?

16 November 2009
I live in the middle of nowhere folks.

60 miles from a liquor store.

96 miles from a Starbucks.

No Old Navy, or Target, or Kohl's to be seen.

Only the Wal-Marts. (But hey, I saw Marlboro Man in the Wal-Marts so no complaints)

We drink sweet tea and eat chicken fried steak.

Our kids chase stray dogs off with BB guns (country kids, I tell ya).

And we do our

Presenting SugarBritches Christmas 2009 Gift List. It's almost perfect.

Kitchen goodies. Anything from Williams Sonoma will suffice.

When in doubt or as is the case with most of my family, the gift of alcohol is widely accepted with heartfelt thanks. Seriously, just give me a bottle of liquor and you've made my year.

How cute is Francine by Cozy Blue? I'm sure you could find a little darling to give this doll too.

And I totally want one of these cause a girl can just never have too many calendars. Dozi 2012 Pocket Planner.

These exaggerated cupcakes give me the munchies. This Sandra Juto Cupcake Print is too cool.

We've had our Radio Flyer Horse for nearly 4 years and it has held up to so much abuse. Great quality toy that kids actually play with. For. A. Long. Damn. Time.

Cranium Cariboo is the only game I don't have to play with my children. There is nothing I would rather do than sit and play board games for hours and hours with a 6 year old and a 4 year old who bicker constantly, throw in a 18 month old tornado and all game playing pretty much sucks. But this one....magic.

Being Michelle's Bloggy BFF means I'm put under a lot of pressure to be entertaining. Cause she is fucking funny and its hard to compete keep up be as witty as our darling Michelle is. But I try and you can find me here, where I can't seem to shut the hell up about my kids or living in the middle of Deliverance. And I swear I don't say ya'll all the time.
Later ya'll.


Boozy Tooth said...

I'm with you on Williams Sonoma 100 %!! My favorite store on earth (probably in the entire galaxy - no - make that universe)! The other stuff is cool too. but more than anything, I do love me some kitchen gadgetry!

Lindy said...

Excuse me? 96 miles from a Starbucks? What kind of hell do you live in?

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