Little BLUE Pills & My New Bloggy BFF

03 September 2009
Owie. Owwwwness. Jillian is a beyotch. A pain inflicting Hurtie Mc Hurt-a-lot. Don't forget to head on over to The September Shred & read up on those skinny bitches girls and their 5 AM workouts! Sarah... REALLY??? And what the heck is up with you people who are all "I got done with the Shred and then banged out 932 miles on the treadmill?"  It is highly entertaining to hear how such a diverse group is fairing when up against Jillian. Oh, and so
you know.... the rest of us on Team Follow Anita If You Think You're Going to Die are over there as well. I would raise my fist in the air to that one, but uh... I can't really move right now.

My new bloggy BFF?  It's totally ASHLEY!  Dude, I can even call her Ash because she said so!
So yeah, Ash and I are going to be bloggy BFFs 4-evah.  I can even forgive the fact that she's a skinny girl.  Psshaaaw your 165.  Why then, why is she so dang special that I want to make her my bloggy BFF?  I give you the top 8 reasons.  {The top 10 is SOOOO last year.}
  1. She doesn't twitter!  I don't twitter!  And while she's a former twit(terer) and I am a twitter virgin because I just.  don't.  freaking.  get.  it. we can still totally be friends.
  2. And OMG.  Read THIS.  Then read THIS.
  3. She's doing the September Shred with me and not rubbing it in my face that she's way better at it.
  4. Her husband has a thing for the HOT SECRETARY look!  When I shouted this out, Dave simply said, "well, that is just common awesomeness."
  5. What is not common awesomeness?  Pooping.  In the tub.  Just ask Dave.
  6. She makes up words.  AWESOME AGAIN.
  7. She has the cutest dang daughter, Sugarbaby that I want to hook up with Finnegan in like 20 years or so!
  8. She's from Arkansas and well, I TOTALLY would have been the one to give Bill {also from Arkansas!} a BJ in the oval office if I had the opportunity.  Um yeah.  The Secret Service has just tagged my blog.   
So there you have it.  I am spitting in my hand and offering it to Ash to shake.  GO!  Go now!  It's ok, I know you still love me.  You can cheat.  Hit up Sugar Britches and say hola to the bloggy BFF.

UPDATE:  As if you needed further proof... check out the comments.


Ashley said...

OMG I love you!

Is that strange to say? Sorry. Deal with it.

The chickity china thing is too weird and seriously I think I might die if I don't eat some of the pizza immediately.

Here is to bloggy BFF's forevah!

P.S. I'm not better at the shred. I'm just a damn good liar.

Michelle said...

And THAT is why we're Bloggy BFFs!

Sarahviz said...

I feel like the Million Dollar Matchmaker!

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