Spooky Halloween Dinner Plans

28 September 2009
Spooky good things are coming this Halloween...  We're really excited to host a small dinner party for some of our friends.  Since most of the kids are still really little, we're going to have some fun little games and a kid friendly dinner.  And maybe these for the big people?

Here is a peek at the invitations!  They were super easy, I just made them on the computer and glued a glow in the dark squishy spider (they came in an 8 pack) to the front of the card on the spider web.  I am hoping they make it through the mail without coming unglued!  The web was repeated inside along with the dinner information.  We gave each of the kids a spooky Halloween name & mailed them out!

We're sticking with a purple and green color scheme for the party.  It's something different and a little more fun and less scary than the traditional orange and black.  I've been over at One Pretty Thing checking out all sorts of amazing ideas in her Halloween Round Ups.  Do you have any ideas or places I should check for ideas?


Ashley said...

Excuse me? Where is my invite?


LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Oooh, how fun! We're going to my good friend's house for a kid's Halloween party - can't wait. I love Halloween! Taste of Home has a small booklet out (I found mine in the check out lane at the supermarket) filled with great food ideas as well as decorations and costumes/face painting. The food ideas are really clever and look pretty easy. Have fun and post photos!

Michelle said...

LZ, I just got that in the mail from Dave's grandma! There is some really cute stuff in there!

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