WFMW: Finally figuring out Google Reader!

22 September 2009

I am resistant to change.  Once I'm through it, I embrace it like nobody's business, but it's hard to get me there.  Enter Google Reader.  So many peeps told me to try it.  *Cough*Jen Amy Britt Em Bunny *Cough*  Hello... I don't even Twitter!  It took me FOREVER to Facebook and then my blogging went by the wayside thanks to that little addiction addition to my online time.  {Love to Kimesha!}  So no thank you Google Reader! 

Anyway, I've always had most of my daily reads in my blogroll and didn't see the need for Reader, that is until I got my own fancy domain name and POOF for some reason my blogroll disappeared.  Wait for it... yes... DISAPPEARED!  I know that I'm a little dramatic, but once I stopped hyperventiling and freaking out Dave worked his magic mojo (not THAT magic mojo... get your mind out of the gutter) and POOF got me a screen shot of it so I could begin slowly re-adding.  Well, with that help came the lecture about why I didn't have a back up copy somewhere, alas I had to force myself to embrace the idea of Reader.  And as you will notice the short blog list over there in my sidebar, I've embraced it so much that the blogroll has been put on the backburner.

I would also like to take this short interlude to say I am an idiot for not embracing it sooner!  I LOVE Google Reader!  Like, love love, not just sort of love.

I really am not an expert, but here is a nudge from me to go explore a bit yourself.  I have added some great new blogs to my list of daily reads thanks to the SUGGESTIONS feature.  AWESOME if I do say so myself that it finds things you might like and it's not entirely random... they pick things I actually like!  I love that you can STAR A POST (for your own personal favorites), you can LIKE A POST (can be seen by others), and you can SHARE A POST (send it to your friends) if it is something you want to pass on.  I can even put a NOTE on it!  It tells me what I've read, what is ready to be read and I don't even have to think about it.  Swoon!

So, the only thing I'm not super thrilled-a-potumus with is the fact that I think it kind of strips the personality out of the blog a bit.  Sure pics come through, but I really love seeing headers and color and the personality of the blog I am reading, a simple click through (clicking on the blog name takes you directly to the blog) and that solves the issues of leaving comments also.

If you want to see the other loveliness that is Works for me Wednesday, head over to We Are THAT Family and check it out! 

And if you get your Reader figured out (or you are already a pro), you're more than welcome to add So Wonderful, So Marvelous to your list of reads with just a click of an RSS button over there on my sidebar.



Ashley said...

I haven't yet embraced the Google Reader. I am still resistant. I will be the 90 year old cat lady still reading and writing blogs and being completely obliviant to how Google Reader works.

Cause I'm a dork.

Ashley said...

And P.S.
I think I love you.

See, dork. I told you.

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