Footloose & Fancy {Kid} Free

20 September 2009
In other words.... why a night at Gigi & Papa's amps our marriage, improves our home, and provides some much needed SLEEP to the deprivation that is our new nightlife.  I mean if you go on a bender with your best buds while they make asses of themselves hit on intoxicated med students or drink a bottle or two of wine with friends like last weekend and then wake up to James and Doug sleeping on your living room floor, not together mind you, but I have my suspicions there is an excuse for not getting sleep.  But it's just not as fun to say, I was up blogging at 2 am because it's the only time I have to myself and I'm reeeally trying to like Jimmy Fallon, but he's kind of sucking in the late night spot, oh and my two year old decided to wake mama up at 7:30 am.  I live for naps.

We really did used to be fun.  We try even now.  Really we do.  And we certainly have our moments, but we are not as fun as we used to be.  We can accept that because the trade off is Finnegan and he is worth it.  A million times worth it. 

So back to the real reason I am posting.  We {and by we, I mean Dave} are re-doing our basement.  Nothing major, just making the space more usable, brighter, and less scary.  So two years ago we had the basement waterproofed and now we're using Drylok on the walls.  Again... with the off topic{ish}ness.  The real point of this little interlude is, one sniff of our house and my mom came to whisk Finn off to her house for the night.  SCORE!

Incidentally, we are both completely high, of that I am sure.  I feel like a teen in one of those after school specials that needs an intervention for {completely un-intentional-ish} huffing.  And oh gawd, don't tell Dave he's high, it would break his heart to know his record of never having partaken in ahem, certain activities, is now null and void.

Where was I again?  Oh yes, in the living room, high on Drylok fumes.  By the way, a little irony here, we totally rented the first season of Weeds last night.  I must say, there were a few really hilarious moments, but all in all, I can't get into it.  I hear read on the net, that the first season was the most lighthearted and it only gets more dark and to tell you the truth, I'm just not that into you it. 

Back to my marriage, my house, and for the love of all things holy, the SLEEP!  We get to hang out, Dave and I.  Ahem.  Dude, we're married so don't get any ideas about other stuff and besides, my mom {Hi Gigi! Thanks ever so much for keeping Finn overnight!} reads this blog.  Aside from the alone time, I cleaned out the kitchen cabinet on my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days.  I will fully admit that it was only to make room for my most wonderful new Ikea drinking glasses.  My awesome husband even rented borrowed The Tudors Season 1 {also on that pesky list} at the library this afternoon right after he did some gardening while high on Drylok fumes and made a giant hole in the bush.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  And the sleep, the glorious sleep.  I am hoping for breakfast in bed & sleeping till noon.

Ooooh and as an added bonus, I got to eat an entire organic lemon blueberry muffin my ownself.  For those of you not in the know, when you have kids, your meals are not your own.  Apparently the little vultures feel that if mama has it, that MUST mean they get a bite {or ten} also.  Especially a midday snack, they polish those off in like 7.6 seconds, immediately are on to yours and yet can sit at the table for 57 minutes of dinner and only get half through.  And it was good, that organic lemon blueberry muffin, totally cured the munchies.  And poor Papa, I just know he's going to be giving up the one he bought to Finnegan for tomorrows breakfast.  Sucker. 


Ashley said...

And....I don't even know where to start.

Kid free? Hasn't happened for me in years. You're one lucky bitch. Just a tip....the more you reproduce the harder it is to get rid of them.

Dave's never been, ahem....I have nothing to say about that except poor guy. And you guys couldn't get into Weeds? OMG I live for Weeds. Also Big Love, True Blood, and I just finished watching the first two seasons of Dead Like Me which was freakin hilarious. Callum Blue and his accent didn't hurt that show one bit.

Alright since I'm getting close to writing you a novel here I'll just stop.

Stacey said...

Oh yes..I totally understand the sharing food thing! Gavin can eat 2 helpings of his OWN dinner & we sit to eat ours & literally the kid acts as if we haven't fed him in weeks. Needless to say cutting my meal in half to satisfy my food stealing beast : ) Yeayy for a kid free night!

Kelly said...

Yay for a kiddo free night and LOOOOOOOOOVE your new ikea glasses!

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