Lisey Moving to 'Tucky.

02 September 2009
We moved my littlest sister Elise down to Kentucky a few weeks ago.  I was a big ole girl and cried my eyes out.  I was fine until we actually arrived at her dorm and it all became very very real.  Don't get me wrong, I'm SO happy and excited for her, but it just seems wrong that she's an adult.  Granted, she doesn't exactly act like an adult, but she is eighteen.
This post is really only for her, but to let y'all in on the joke, when I was VERY pregnant with Finnegan, Elise went to Florida for spring break.  She came home and every single picture (of which there are at least 100) had Elise and her friend in some version of the kissy face and/or peace sign flashing.  Did I mention that she took ALL of these photos of herself... like with her arm out taking pics of herself?  How does someone come home from a week on the beach in Florida with not one picture of the beach?? 

So into the hospital I go for my c-section (because I had a GIANT baby) and Elise's mom was my OB nurse and she shows all of these pics to me and we laugh hysterically.  So assholes that we are... Dave and I take this photo to give to Elise and we find ourselves extremely amusing.

Which brings me back to moving her to Kentucky.  We decided the trip wouldn't be complete with out these my sweet Lisey...
And not to be outdone by his Mama & Daddy... He's working on it...

I hope you're enjoying your new found freedom and that you're sort of keeping your room clean.  Hopefully after that first time, you've gotten doing laundry down and you're enjoying the DZs.  There is so much you're going to learn and discover about yourself these next four years Elise Noel.  I am so very proud of you and can not wait to see you this weekend.

PS.  I'm totally not going to cry (much) when you have to go back.

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