I laughed really hard & then messed up all my pictures.

26 September 2009
What happens when you're faced with the meet and greet of your 15 year class reunion, you leave your hubby at home and go out with your BFF?  {Pssst... Ash, I'm not cheating, I swear!  Natalie is just the IRL BFF.}  You drink.  Copious amounts of vanilla vodka and ginger ale with a lime. Thankyouverymuch.

That reminds me.  Once I was drinking vanilla vodka and ginger ale and this was before I was married to Dave, I had TWO of them and had to be put to bed by two very dear friends.  {Hi Chad & Nikki!}  So anyway, the next morning I woke up only wearing my socks and I had to walk down the street to my friend's house and ask him if I happened to get naked in front of him while collecting my keys.  He also told me years later that he was sorry for peeing in my back yard that night, but he could have kept that secret because I don't even vaguely recollect it.  I didn't get naked in front of him and I will have the pleasure of seeing him tomorrow night at the 'real' reunion because we're still friends despite the fact that I can not hold my liquor.

That also reminds me, I am the fastest get ready-er ever.  I won a bet tonight and the first VV & GA was on Amy.  And doesn't VV & GA sound better than vanilla vodka and ginger ale.

Thankfully there were the sober {knocked up} among us who hopefully didn't get photos that turned out like  this. 

Who the eff put me in charge of an $800 camera?

And Amy... THIS is what happens when you drunk blog. I blame you.

I'm so going to regret this in the morning.  About as much as I regret wearing Skidz, pegged jeans, an Outback Red shirt and 4 pairs of colored socks the last time I saw half these people.  Go Rebels!


Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Natalie must be extremely awesome to be the IRL BFF. Looks like you had a great time. Picture quality always correlates to how much fun you're having. The worse the picture the better the fun and so on.

VV and GA? Never tried it but you can bet your hot ass I will as soon as I can get back into a wet county.

Michelle said...

1. Amy you are a wench for the delete!

2. Ash, I am going to have to send you a package because really? Dry county? That is bad news.

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Wait...VV and GA? Is that like a cream soda? Yum! You are making me wish I went to my reunion...
In any case - you took pictures! That's better than most of us manage on a night out throwing a few back!

Mama said...

Glad you had a fun night! Man you know all the yummy drinks. Remind me to try this one when I'm not knocked up please.

Michelle said...

I would, but you're ALWAYS knocked up! HA!! You know I love ya.

Amy said...

Excellent drunk blog, Michelle--thanks! And I really hope that nobody saw my drunk comment before I deleted it!

p.s. Are these the only pics you got??

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