11 September 2009
Miss Annabelle is coming home! 

I am kicking all kinds of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred ass.  Come over and check out the fun right here!  Be sure to leave a comment and say hi!

Dave's good friend James arrived this afternoon in true James style ("Dude, I'm in Indiana and will be there in a couple hours") and I am sure craziness will ensue this evening.  The best way I can describe him is, so incredibly intelligent, but you would have no clue since he acts like a lunatic most of the time.  He insists on calling Finnegan "F James" since he is his namesake.  It has been a year since we saw him last and he's been sorely missed.

I won a bet with Dave and I get a half hour massage!

I got this incredibly soft, warm, snuggly new robe from Target... bring on the chilly fall mornings my friends!  It is the softest sweater material and I'm all about the grey.  Get your own before the word is out and they're all gone!

So yep, goodness all around people!  Happy Weekend!


Ashley said...

Happy Weekend!

I walked a mile, ran a mile, shredded level 2, went to Target, spent mad moulah, and am now sitting down to persue blogs with a glass of red.

A good day indeed.

Ashley said...

BTW is he hot?

I love hot intelligent guys that act like lunatics. I know I'm married. Doesn't mean I can't ask.

Michelle said...

He's a cutie and he's a badass.

I will also be hitting the red tonight. I have a bottle of tempernillo calling my name!

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