Happy Friday! 6 Fun Blog Posts This Week

18 September 2009
I have been discovering all kinds of fun new things this week.  I am constantly adding new things to my reader and meeting lots of really interesting fun new peeps.  Here are my highlights this week.  Some are old friends and some are new, but all are so wonderful, so marvelous.
  1. This post over at 86'n It.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  And the cutest baby bump ever.  Bunny, you rock.  There are no words for your fabulousness. 
  2. Speaking of babies, check out this unreal nursery over at Something Old, Something New.  I can't imagine how much her little boy is going to LOVE that space and all of the thoughtful handmade touches from his mama.
  3. Brooklyn Limestone is one of my favorite reads.  She is so insanely creative and she posted this fun freebie for the cutest toe tag Halloween invites.  I feel a party coming on just so I can use them! 
  4. Musings of a Housewife... I am uber jealous of this trip!  I mean, since we've been sweating our butts off to Jillian over at Shredding in September it would be great to meet her in person... or not.  You just KNOW she would yell at me for my wimpy push-ups.  Um.  Forget I mentioned anything. 
  5. THIS over at One Pretty Thing, well because that's the DJS party featured & I've met lots of new readers this week thanks to Rachel and her fantastic blog!  Hiya!  Hope you stick around.
  6. I laughed so incredibly hard at this post over at In the Trenches of Mommyhood.  Then I read it again and laughed some more.  Sarah, that is mortifying and hilarious all at once.   


Anonymous said...

Visit my blog for an award for you!

Sarahviz said...

Thanks for the linky love!
(And yes, it was pretty mortifying.)

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