Weekday Entertaining - Fakesgiving

04 September 2009
What do you get when you cross a pregnant girl, a 7 bajillion feet tall man, a smartass, The Famous Joe, Buttercup, Bea, one sick husband, and one INSANE toddler?  TADAAAAAA!  It's Fakesgiving.  All the food.  None of the family.  Well except the sick husband and the toddler.  Aaaaand that visit from my mother before Fakesgiving even got underway.

So, I have mad love for Thanksgiving.  Plus, the preggo mentioned pumpkin muffins and that just pushed me right over the edge.  I love the food.  I love setting the table.  I love my Meme's stuffing, a few years ago I actually took photos of each step as she did it because well... we're not good recipe peeps.  We get the jist of what you're supposed to do and then start dumping stuff in, a pinch and a handful at a time.

And it's FAKESGIVING and these are my friends so I pulled out the paper plates.  We've got two dishwashers in this house, you guessed it... Michelle & Dave, so just the fact that I pretty much used every pan and serving dish I have for the actual dinner making, I wanted to keep clean up easy-ish.  And before you go admonishing me for this travesty in entertaining, they were cute ones.  I even made place cards out of the dessert.  Take that naysayers!

Which brings me to the fact that I really am the worst blogger in the history of the universe.  Go ahead and stop reading now.  I always have these grandiose intentions of taking photos, of capturing the evening, and I end up with oh, three usable shots and NONE of the food because you know ummm why capture all of the deliciousness of this menu? 
  • Turkey
  • Mashed herbed red skin potatoes (psssst I totally used a stick of butter AND cream in those suckers)
  • Stuffing with sausage and onion
  • Cranberry sauce, the jellied stuff... yep, can shape and everything.  I still can't believe I served this.
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Green bean cassarole
  • Biscuits
And for dessert.... oh dessert.  I made these babies again only used mini muffin tins (liberally spray with a baking spray) instead of making them cookie form.  I did screw with the recipe just a bit and added in some caramel topping stuff from Pampered Chef and I iced them with cream cheese frosting again.  They would be great just plain ole muffins though if you wanted to make them for a breakfast thing.

And there were copious amounts of wine and Bea showed up with the cutest freaking new collar for Monty.  She makes them herself & you can get one for your very own in her etsy shop Teeny Tiny Collars.  It's orange and has owls on it.  LOVE.  Monty thinks he is very stylish.
I really am glad that I kept it easy because my poor hubby got violently ill halfway through dinner, we actually think he had a touch of food poisoning from his breakfast stop at MickeyD's. Poor thing.  He missed his favorite dinner in the world, but at least there are leftovers for when he's feeling better. 

So there you have it.  Fakesgiving.  And I was curious/dismayed that I wasn't the first to come up with fakesgiving but happy that others are enjoying their very own fakesgiving.  A quick google search brought me here, here, here, aaaaand here.  There is even a fakesgiving.com


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