Farmer's Market

05 September 2009

We're big fans of the farmer's market in our city.  We're there nearly every weekend of the summer when you can find local produce, eggs, meat, and flowers.  During the fall and spring they bring in some stuff from areas that are more temperate weather-wise and we still like to go, it's just different knowing that you're not getting local.  And we ask questions to know more about where our food is coming from.  If it doesn't say local or homegrown, we ask where it came from.  Blueberries from Michigan?  Sure.  Corn from Indiana?  Only if we can't find someone that picked it down the street.  We're willing to spend $3 a dozen for eggs from local farms that allow their chickens to roam.  At our market you can stop and get a locally roasted cup of coffee from Flying Rhino or a cup of incredible (locally grown) raspberry lemonade from Ackerman Berry Farm.  There are also handmade soaps, local honey, baked goods, and candles.  We like knowing that we're supporting our local economy wherever possible.

If you haven't checked out your local farmer's market, I would really encourage you to do so before the summer is through.  And if you're one of the lucky ones that live in a temperate climate, you can check out fresh seasonal produce year round!

Stay tuned for a recipe to use up our quart of FRESH local blackberries from Ackerman Berry Farm


amanda said...

little markets are the best. love it!

anon said...
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