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10 November 2009
We're leaving for our California adventure {see here for all of theFAB guest posters who will be delighting you daily} and my sister has graciously offered to house sit for us while we're away.  It's a pretty big undertaking to care for Dexter and Monty, plus the house while we're gone, so we wanted to do a little something nice for her.

Here are my tips for nice things to do for your house sitter:
  1. Stock your fridge, freezer, & pantry with items that your house sitter enjoys.  Ask for their favorite cereal, beverages, & snacks.  Then, make sure you have milk, juice, bread, etc... also.
  2. Clean {does this really need to be stated?} your house.  Pay special attention to the bathroom, putting out fresh towels & toiletries.  Put clean sheets on the bed your house sitter will be staying in.  Vacuum, dust, & pick up.  It doesn't need to be immaculate, but it does need to be clean.
  3. A small gift is a nice thing to also leave.  We chose to leave a $15 gift card to the movie store near our house & a special present that I can't reveal just yet because she may read this before she arrives tomorrow.  Some other gift ideas?  You could leave cash for a pizza, you could get a gift card for fast food near you, you could prep a meal and leave it in the fridge or freezer, any small token is great.
  4. Leave notes on how to use the tv, dvd player, washing machine, programmable thermostat, coffee/espresso machine, or anything else that might be complicated to change, turn on, etc... 
  5. Leave a list of emergency contacts.  Your cell number, a relative in town, & vet numbers are a good place to start.
  6. Last, but in my opinion, the most important.  Leave a heartfelt thank you note.  It doesn't have to be long, jut enough to convey your appreciation for their help.
Finally, enjoy your vacation, knowing that your house & your house sitter are being taken care of!

Would you like more awesome tips?  Hop on over to We are THAT Family for Works For Me Wednesday. 


Ashley said...

If only I could go somewhere and had the actual need for a housesitter. I'm so jealous. Have fun girl!

Amy said...

Man I knew I was missing out! Have fun, Lyndsey...enjoy the time to yourself! :) But call me if you want to have a party! haha j/k

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