26 miles of winding roads on the side of a cliff in the dark. Let's do it TWICE.

15 November 2009
My husband is a saint.  I am a dumbass and he is a saint.  I had the brilliant fucking stupid horrible idea to cancel our hotel reservation in Monterey for the evening and just head to Big Sur to get a hotel room.  At 5 pm.  On a Saturday night.  When it gets dark at approximately 5:34 pm.  And oh, pretty well every hotel on a Saturday night ever is booked ummmm totally SOLID for ages in Big Sur.  And it's kind of extremely remote so ummm there isn't cell service or internet via my hubby's fancy phone or I would have known there was no room at the inn.  And it's cool to camp in your car when you're like 19 and adventurous, notsomuch when you have a two year old and an aching back.  Yep.  Did I mention that I am an idiot?  Did I also mention that PCH {Pacific Coast Highway for you non-Cali peeps} is a winding fucking death trap scenic route of crazy cliffs and gorgeous {when it's not dark and you can see them} ocean views?  But he drove it twice.  In the dark.  And we laughed.  Hard.  Mostly from the nervousness of maybe driving off a cliff in the dark, but it was laughter nonetheless. 

We'll be making that trip for the third time in the morning, for now we're enjoying the Clarion in Monterey mostly because the hotel we were supposed to enjoy tonight was booked solid within like 20 seconds of me cancelling our reservation.

Really, nothing screams "Wish you were here!" like dumb ass decisions.  And now back to the awesomeness of guest posters! 


Ashley said...

Okay that sucks but the way you tell it is so damn funny!

Emily said...

Well, you get points for trying to be adventurous and spontaneous. I'm glad you guys survived the winding death trap.

Michelle said...

We totally made up for it! We're here tonight... http://spanishgardeninn.com/index.php
BEST HOTEL EVER. I'm doing a separate post about this one because it's the best fucking place on earth.

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