Dorm Room Clean Sweep

25 October 2009
I can't believe she's letting me post these pictures.  And maybe this will be a slight incentive to keep it clean{ish} because wow, the entire time we were cleaning I think all of us were hoping praying that crawly things wouldn't come out of anywhere.

Four hours, seven garbage bags of junk to the dumpster, two garbage bags of summery clothes and shoes to go back home, & three exhausted sisters later, here are the results...

{Before}                                                {After}

Elise didn't even use the desk area, except to dump stuff.  We put her books {after she told us it took her 20 minutes to find her math book} on the shelf above her desk for easy reach.  Her Ghandi poster that was wrinkled and falling off the wall with tape all over it got a new frame.  Even the drawers got a re-vamp with new organizers and her jumbled up cords were untangled and threaded carefully around things to get them out of the way.

{Before}                                                  {After}

Her closet was overflowing so we went and bought the space saver hangers instead of her old system of hanging 4 things on each hanger. I am soooo not kidding when I say I can't believe she ever found anything in that closet. Clothes got weeded out and rolled instead of folded.  A drawer was given to her hair products and appliances to keep them off of the floor & vanity.  We put her bags and extra towels in a bin at the bottom of her closet and put another one on top of that where she can throw her shoes. We used plastic bins at the top of her closet to hold all of her food and dishes.  We also washed, bought new hangers {the old ones had broken} and rehung the shower curtain to hide her closet. 

{Before}                                                    {After}

She was seriously sleeping on her mattress pad.  Ummm, ew.  After a quick wash of the duvet cover & throwing away half of the stuff on her bed, we were able to put actual sheets on her bed.  {Can you imagine?!?!} And though it looks similar, we cleaned off all of the shelves and re-organized everything.

{Before}                                                    {After}

So there you have it.  Elise's dorm room clean sweep.  Hazmat suits are no longer needed to enter.
{For now...}


Anonymous said...

Those 'before' pics are giving me flashbacks to my dorm room from freshman year. My roommate's nickname wasn't "Dirtee" for nothing.

Elise said...

=) i love my sisters!!!!

Amy said...

WOW! How freaked out were you when you first saw it, Michelle?

Elise, you didn't even clean up a LITTLE bit before they got there??

Kimi said...

DAng! Talk about awesome sisters. Michelle you totally take the award there.

Jackie said...

I am rather concerned that she has been there like a month and already it looks like that...maybe she is partying too much!

Unknown said...

Wow--you should host your own show! Great Job!

Samantha said...

This brings back my good ol' days at UK! I lived in Kirwan Tower for the year I was at UK. 21st Floor :) My room frequently looked like the before pictures :)

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