Spooky Halloween Sucker Holder

29 October 2009
Preparations are underway for our fun scary, purple & green Halloween party on Saturday.  Finnegan and I went to Michaels yesterday to pick up a few last minute things and peruse the Halloween aisle in hopes of snagging a good deal or two.  Originally, I was looking for a piece of styrofoam to insert into a box that we're using for the dessert buffet, but then I came across this awesome styrofoam skull that was half off!   He had to come home with us.  Making this adorable spooooky sucker holder was so easy, directions follow.

  1. Mark the drill bit with a piece of tape to the desired depth of your sucker sticks.  I wanted just about 1/3 of the sticks showing on mine.
  2. Drill holes in the styrofoam being sure to check spacing and look by sticking the suckers in and getting a feel for the final project.  Initially I attempted to just stick the suckers in, but the holes would get too big, it was difficult to push through and it didn't go in as cleanly, so the drill is the way to go.
  3. All the suckers make it rather top heavy, so Finnegan found a rock {it's pretty creepy how perfect that rock from the garden really is!} and we glued it to the skull and let it sit overnight.  I tried hot glue first and that didn't work, so I ended up with my trusty Aileen's Tacky Glue, which worked like a charm!  Really you could use anything to weight it down, we also discussed using big heavy washers from the hardware store.
  4. Stick the suckers in & wait for Halloween!


Ashley said...

Very crafty you are!

Unknown said...

now that is a great idea!

wanted to let you know we sent out your SSS exchange partners name via email, can you please confirm you received it by replying to that email, thanks so much

Jackie said...

You are so freakin' creative!

Penelope said...

Wow, I've been looking over your blog, you are quite crafty! What is the significance of purple and green?

Michelle said...

Hi Penelope! We chose purple and green to keep it a little more fun scary rather than creepy scary. I think the skull is the creepiest thing we have, most of it is kid friendly.

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