Funk. And not the good George Clinton kind.

01 October 2009
This is going to be one of those rambly brain dump annoying posts.  Fair warning to click away. 

I am in a funk, but not exactly a funk.  It's more one of those crazy nesting, wow there is a lot to do around here, introspective, just blah because of the weather and the shorter days, and where the hell did summer go anyway feelings.  Also, I think I am lonely some days.  And that is weird for me to admit because I have a lot of friends, more than a lot of people, and most of whom I could connect with in half a second if I wanted to.  But I don't.  I really don't feel like talking or reaching out to anyone.  I feel ike being alone... well, as alone as you can be with a 2 year old, a dog, a cat, my dad's dog, and a husband.  It's not one of those funks like where I need help or an intervention, it's just more a blah maybe?

I don't know what it is really.  I feel some days as if I pick up the same toys, do the same dishes, sing the same songs, and fold the same laundry, who am I kidding, Dave totally does the laundry folding in this house, anywho, it's kind of Groundhog Day-ish around here lately.  It is back to school, back to soccer classes, swimming classes, preschool classes, and routine.  I need a change.  And by change I don't mean my husband going on a business trip for three days, but that is happening too.  It probably does mean furniture re-arranging {sorry honey} and doing some other projects around the house because I clean and sort and move stuff when I am in a funk.     

I am pretty sure it is the slowing down part that is difficult for me.  When I am busy swamped, swallowed whole by fall tv, sucked into social media, and planning a party (or 5) I feel like all is right with the world.  Going at a speed of 1,000 is more my pace than walking.  Looking back, I don't think I really even slept the entire month of June.  And that is all well and good, but it always catches up to me.  My house isn't as clean, my son isn't as calm and well behaved, my brain is elsewhere and I start dropping balls that I don't want to drop.  {That's what she said.}   

I want to decompress and feel centered and kind of ease into this whole colder weather thing instead of getting it forced so rudely upon us by mother nature.  So, we're having another technology free day on Sunday and I'm looking forward to a day of getting my juju back.  No distractions, no tv, no radio, no cell phones, no internet.  I need it.

What do you do when you're feeling like this?    

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Ashley said...

I always clean and rearrange things. I think I have more than a few blog posts detailing my funks. I can remember a specific one about moving my living room furniture around cause my life felt all out of sorts. Even though nothing is really ever wrong I just feel all.....bleh.

I totally get what you're saying.

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