Why we are never allowed to go shopping together. Ever. Oh, and 51 days until Black Friday.

07 October 2009
OK, so it's not like we needed any of these things. Well, we DID need the cat food which is why we went into the store in the first place. The cashier laughed at us while we were checking out because we were trying to figure out if it was the $20 collector Pez {a Christmas gift!} or the $15 vanilla bean salt that sent us over the edge.

Twelve items = $78
But, I sure did SAVE ten whole cents for bringing a re-usable bag with us.

My favorite example though of our assinine co-dependent shopping behavior is the great Black Friday incident of  2007.  So, I will freely admit that Black Friday shopping is my thing and by default {aka: marriage} is now Dave's thing.  He swears he doesn't like it to the masses, but he does, don't let him kid you.  The stories alone from his trip to Walmart where they broke out into a fight over $3 pajama pants {which Dave has a white hot hatred for} in front of his very eyes are entertaining enough that we still laugh about it.  And there are waffles after!  We have quite the time getting up at an obscene hour of dark in the morning, it's usually freezing and we're both bleery-eyed until we get at least 3 cups of coffee into our systems.  Couple all that with my crazy sister and my people crowd hating brother in law {who uses phrases like "we're butts to nuts in here!" to describe the conditions of lines} and you've got yourself a good picture of where we were at that 5 am on Black Friday 2007, with a 7 month old.  Oh yeah, did I mention that we took Finn with us?  So there we were... sleep deprived, 5 am, with about 3 hours of sleep, and here I am... sitting on the furniture we came home with.  Because nothing says Christmas shopping like taking a little seat in the store while exhausted and thinking, "hey, this is comfy... stylish too," and ending up with a furniture delivery a week later.

You thought I was kidding?  Did you see the $12 caramels?  We are NOT allowed to shop together ever again unless it's Black Friday.


Ashley said...

Oh my. I have no words.

It is the complete opposite at my house. We talk each other out of everything so actually we end up coming home with next to nothing.

Claire Mercado-Obias said...

I can't wait for Black Friday! Woohoo!

Amy said...

Dietsch's anything is well effing worth $12!

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