The Lazy Caramel Apple

15 October 2009
Because it's caramel apple season & I am lazy.  I give you... the Lazy Caramel Apple, even my sister Elise can do this one.

Take one honeycrisp or granny smith apple, remove the core, but leave the skin on, chop into bite size pieces.  Chop up a handful of peanuts.  Open a jar of caramel sauce, spoon some on the apple pieces, top with nuts {that's what she said} and enjoy!


Ashley said...


Why don't you ever post anything low in calorie? I'm just saying is all.

Elise said...

i just saw this post! you would say even i can do it!!! i'm a five star cook i don't know what you're talking about, you just havent deserved one of my gourmet meals yet, maybe sometime soon..

MommyLisa said...

I stuck the apple stick in a caramel and called that the lazy caramel apple. :P

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