H1N1 Vaccine (WFMW) & Brain Dump Randomness

20 October 2009
OK, I'm likely opening up a whole can of Works for Me Wednesday worms here.  Please head over to We are THAT Family for more fabulousness.  If you choose to comment on the vaccine, I would ask that you are respectful of everyone's {personal} decision on this matter.  Onward...

Yesterday, we spent five hours waiting to get the H1N1 vaccine.  It was a last minute decision to get down there so we took off without having made provisions for waiting that long with a two and a half year old during what is supposed to be his naptime.  Yeah.  Aside from the excruciatingly long wait, the Ohio Health Department in Wood County did an amazing job of keeping everyone informed about what was going on, the levels of the amount of vaccines available {the mist was readily available, the shot was limited} and even brought out bags of snacks & tissues, etc... to keep hundreds of people comfortable during the wait.  Thankfully, it was a gorgeous day to be outside and the kids had a great time running around on the grass getting all of their energy out.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera to document the process, but sadly I didn't. 

We went with the mist even though we had the choice, it was painless, we've had zero side effects, and though it is a live virus, it's also thimerosol free.  There is a weird swing going on right now with negative information regarding the vaccine, but quite honestly I feel really good about our decision to vaccinate.  H1N1 seems to be rampant in our area of the country and knowing friends that have been going through it, it is something I'd like to take every precaution to avoid if possible.  I fully realize that the vaccine isn't a guarantee, but it is a precaution just like washing our hands {which we also do} on a regular basis.   My husband and I read a lot of information before making that decision and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

So what are your H1N1 vaccine plans?

And on to the brain dump randomness...
  • Why is it not possible to get out of Target for less than $40?  Ever.  Seriously.  And mostly it's well over that!  Target you crazy bastard of lovely items, please stop being so awesome and filled with wonderful things.
  • I am really considering purchasing the GoGo Kidz for our trip to California.  Though, it bugs me to no end when people spell things with a Z instead of an S.  I ask you... is this something that should preclude me from purchasing?
  • I have been dying to make quiche, so that is my plan for dinner tomorrow night if I can get my ass in gear.  I love serving it with a green salad & homemade vinagerette.
  • The "Balloon Boy" story really pisses me off.  Ummm great thing to teach your children, lying to get on a reality tv show.  And the whole alien abduction thing?  Sweet.
  • The husband is on a business trip this week & I sleep better when he's gone.  Is that terrible or what?
  • I am working my way through my 101 Things in 1001 Days list!  I'm also going to get the book The Next Thing On My List thanks to Katie's Random Post.
  • I can not wait to spend a weekend with my sisters... yep, that's right... I'm dragging along Lyndsey to Kentucky to see Elise.  I feel badly for Dave and the insanity he's going to endure with the three of us. 
  • Finn is obsessed with monsters lately and I'm not quite sure where he's getting that.  He keeps telling me that he's afraid of the bad monsters in the basement.  Not fun.  Right now we're telling him that monsters don't live in the basement and that they don't exist.  Any ideas on how to fix this?
  • Breakups suck, not only for the people going through it, but for everyone else who has to watch.  {Love you both tremendously.}
Whew.  Ifyou're still reading, thank you for letting me get all of that out!  I promise not to blog whilst waiting for the Advil PM to kick in ever again that often. 

Happy Wednesday!


Kaye said...

On the husband/sleeping thing...don't feel bad. I sometimes secretly wish he would have to go out of town so I could have some "me" time without feeling guilty about not spending time with him. Shhh...don't tell. I'll just have to hope he doesn't find out. =)

Emily said...

Meh. You know my feelings on flu vaccines (that is, they're a bunch of crap). Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to forced into getting both a seasonal and H1N1 this year, due to my "delicate condition."

As far as getting them for the baby, I'm not sure about him, either. I'm going to talk to my OB about what she's doing for her kids (yes, I trust her that much). I don't want to, but I probably will. But if either of us gets sick from these shots, I'm going to be supremely pissed.

Unknown said...

my husband is on nights-I get the bed to myself at night he gets it during the day...I can relate LOL

If we vacinate I would like to go with the mist, we are still doing our part by becoming informed and learning all we can

Ashley said...

The vaccine? No comment.

Target? My minimum seems to be $80. I am always shocked but yes, the lovelies.

Quiche? Yummy.

Monsters? We always check for them and say nope. They must be at someone else's house. We tried the they don't exist route. Never worked.

sugarbean said...

well, the gogo thingy i think you should pass on. 1: its $100!!!! 2: how many times do you plan on flying with a little one? 3: pain in the ass getting full size car seat and that thing folded up, especially when your alone. 4: its $100!!! if i were you, just take a booster seat which will be easier and less stressful. i cant imagine that he will want to be all buckled in at the airport, unless he is an angel...lol. Does your Britax say on the sticker approved for airline travel? jhb has been on 80 flights and no horror stories (except the 5 hour flight where he screamed the entire way back and some looney man almost killed me as a result) also add to your list a roll of scotch tape. try ring pops for your sucker choice but if he can chew gum, i suggest that over a sucker. jhb has had ear tubes 90% of the time so it is never an issue for us. i am a self proclaimed childrens travel pro so if you have any questions, let me know. Also, i have a million and 1 DVDs eso for little ones that we as an 'only child' home have outgrown. you are more than welcome to have some. As for the monster thing, make him one of your fancy faboosh labels that says 'no no monster' repellant 'finns magic spray'...etc slap it on a water bottle, fill with some water and lavender oil and voila...he can get rid of the monsters himself...this stage passes quickly :)

Michelle said...

Steph, we've flown a bit already, but the Cali trip is a little different in that it's a longer flight, during his normal sleep time and we're driving down the coast which is quite the drive and I'd rather have his carseat with us instead of renting one... the last few times we've rented one it hasn't been one we'd use normally if ya know what I mean. The plan was to use the gogo & then gate check it like we do with the stroller in the hopes that it doesn't get beat up, but yes, it's air rated and has the sticker if we did want to use it on the plane. My other option is to get a Cosco ($50 ish) car seat to use for travel, but it's also really highly rated. He's still way too little to use a booster, he's still under the weight limit for riding backward facing even.

Your spray bottle sounds like a FREAKING awesome idea! I'm hoping it passes quickly because it's making me crazy with the monster talk. The only monsters he knows of are on Sesame Street so I don't know where the 'bad monster' thing is even coming from!

Jen said...

I won't get the seasonal vaccine until I'm on the priority list, but I wish I could get the H1N1 vaccine. A lot of places here are enforcing the priority list, though, and work is asking us to respect the priority list at the places not enforcing it since it's in super short supply here, so I guess I'll wait.

I'm kind of annoyed that I can't get it for forever, though, considering that I'm in contact with hundreds of people every day. I know for sure that I was exposed to it multiple times in the past week since people feel the need to come to class while hacking up a lung to tell me in person that the doctor told them they have the flu and should be excused from class. Hi, I have email? And a phone? And a mailbox? Thanks for contaminating my class, though.

Katie said...

I'm right there with you on the Target thing. I LOOOOVVEE that store. And you'll be happy to know that my middle name, typically spelled with a 'z', is spelled with an 's' because my dad also severely mistrusts the letter 'z'. Thanks for the shout out! I bet you'll love that book!

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

I don't know if I'd get the h1n1 vax, but we aren't eligible anyway. Our office is only giving it to higher risk patients. But it is scaring the crap out of me...I'm not taking my little one out as much and feel bad, but really want to limit her exposure to germs this Winter.
Oh, and Target? Right with you. But I always send $77. No lie...even when running in for just TP. I leave spending $77...

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