Gourmet shut down

06 October 2009
So I heard this afternoon on NPR that Conde Nast has decided to shut down Gourmet.  I can't even tell you how bummed this makes me.  Everything from the photograph, to the travel, to the stories, to the mouthwatering recipes had me hooked.  So much so that it was the fourth thing I ever blogged about.  Don't judge with the layout & writing... I was new damn it!

I'm immensely saddened by this turn of events.  It seems like so many great magazines are heading by the wayside lately.  I can see some of the newer startups, but Gourmet is an institution for foodies!  What the heck happened?  Was it because they give their recipes away for FREE?  Made me love them even more.  Is print just dead?  I sure hope not.

Weigh in.

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