Hazmat Suits Needed

23 October 2009
Sister (& Dave) weekend has begun... guess what we're doing tomorrow?  Vacation, I think not.  This is Elise's filthy gawd-awful who knows what is in there dorm room at UK.  Yay!  We're forcing helping her detox her room.  Here is the fabulous panoramic (from Dave's cell phone) for your viewing pleasure.  And if it's possible, this pic makes the room look not so bad.  Oh, and this one doesn't even show the garbage bag on the floor and/or the massive amounts of crazy junk littering the floor.  Be on the look out for a before & after shot after we do some bleaching and re-vamping tomorrow.  Lord knows it needs it.


Ashley said...


Ummm. Good luck with that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lawd! Best of luck to you guys. You're gonna need it.

Kimi said...

Holy scary! Good luck with that one!

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