Fancy a Biscuit?

21 December 2007

I came home last evening and sitting on my front porch was the most delectable assortment of goodies one could hope to come home to. They were packaged with care in gorgeous little takeaway boxes all labeled with fancy writing and gorgeous ribbon. Inside, oh inside, were cheese rounds, spice cakes, fruitcake, and peanut butter bones. Peanut butter bones?? Alas, these goodies were not for me, but for all of the four legged family members from Biscuit a new endeavour of my friend Stephanie.

Hopefully the family pooches aren't reading my blog today so we don't spoil the Christmas surprise, but these treats are so fantastic that I had to share... even if Monty won't. He scarfed down a spice cake as soon as the package was undone. Steph bakes each and every treat herself and they are all human friendly, natural ingredients, the perfect present for your pampered furry friends. You can reach her via e-mail at

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