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29 September 2009
There is a chill in the air around here, fall is upon us in this area of the country.  We're on the go a lot in the summer, but in the fall and winter we like to slow down and do more around the house.  That means catching up on the new fall shows, hosting game nights, and watching movies & tv shows that we don't get because we're a cable-free house.  {Another thing that Ash, my bloggy BFF and I have in common!}

Just a little aside because I get asked lots of questions about going cable free... Yes, it was a little difficult to give up cable when I first did it about 9 years ago.  No, we don't miss it.  Yes, Finn watches TV, PBS Kids has amazing programming.  We have all of the major stations NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS.  Each of those has 3 digital signals apiece, usually a "weather" station, old programming {similar to TBS}, and their regular programming.  PBS has their regular station, Create {with programming similar to HGTV}, and PBS Kids, so that is what we watch most.

So back to my WFMW tip!  Here is the big secret to FREE movies... the local library!  That's right, the library!  They carry most movies, tv shows, etc. that are released.  We have borrowed everything from entire seasons of Entourage {LOVE} to Elmo's World to our current obsession, The Tudors.  FOR FREE! 

Not many people realize, unless they are regular library users, that you can get more than just documentaries and old stuff at the library.  Take advantage of this community provided service and keep some cash in your pocket!  Check with your local library on their rules, but ours allows you to keep new releases for two weeks, older movies can even be renewed online and you can hang on to them for a month.

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Happy reading & happy Wednesday!


Meghan said...

I wish! My library doesn't have movies.

Kimi said...

I LOVE the library. When we moved a year ago I got my library card months before I got my new state drivers license.

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