Kiwi. Not a Morning Fruit.

28 March 2010
I bought 4 pounds of kiwi at Costco today.




Because Finnegan thought the sample was good?  Because my mother is the worst/best person to shop with because she talks me into buying things like 4 pounds of kiwi?  Because I love kiwi?  Because we needed a new spring fruit instead of our go to items of the winter?


It was because I learned something & I wanted to share.

I love kiwi.  It is delicious and juicy and tart and the little black seeds add a crunch.  What is not to like?

Peeling the little suckers.  That's what.  They're slippery once you get them peeled.  And they are really juicy, so while you're peeling it, it's squirting juice all over and sliding around.  Highly annoying.  So while I love them, they've always been too much of a pain in the ass and therefore wouldn't be a good thing first thing in the morning before I've had my coffee.  You know... cranky time.  I save them for special fruit salads.

But that, my friends, has changed thanks to the fabulous Costco kiwi sample lady.

It's dumb really, that I didn't know this.  {It's like learning how to change your blogger noreply email.} It's so easy you want to smack your forehead Homer Simpson style.

So I learned that kiwi is indeed a morning fruit.  I am just the dork that never knew it.


Mama said...

Seriously?!? Hannah loves kiwi like pink puffy heart LOVES kiwi but I rarely buy it for her because the skin skeeves me out, but they really come out that easy?

Ashley said...

That's funny! It's like Warren didn't know how to cut and peel an avacado. When I showed him he literally smacked himself in the forehead.

Lorie said...

Huh. I didn't know that. Awesome.

Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} said...

I just learned the "scoop out with a spoon" method earlier this week via Used it for the first time prepping fruit for the pirate party. So easy!

Merrily said...

I went through the same love/hate relationship with kiwi a few years ago. Once I learned the same trick you learned I started eating them all the time. However, I don't peel them. I cut them in half and eat them with a spoon (without peeling them at all). I love kiwis! :)

Meg said...

Ohhhhh! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks so much for sharing! Looks like I might be eating kiwis for breakfast soon.

Amy said...

I have never eaten a kiwi any other way than just slicing it in half and scooping out the sides! I didn't even know people peeled them!

Cate O'Malley said...

I didn't know that either - gotta love those Costco sample peeps!

Anonymous said...

Did you know you can eat the peel? My kids do.

Shannon said...

I lived 30+ years w/o figuring that one out until a few months ago I saw someone eating it on the train like that. How did this not come to light earlier?

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