Celebrity Apprentice 2010 is HILARIOUS.

14 March 2010
Oh man. 

I don't post much about tv.  We don't have cable so that limits my knowledge of the batshit crazy shows like Real Housewives, Flavor of Love, Jon & Kate Plus Eight.  Shows like Entourage, Big Love, & Gossip Girl I watch on dvd {usually one after another like the lunatic that I am} or we watch online.  People like Speidi don't usually hit my radar unless they do something assinine.  Ignorance Cablelessness is bliss. 

Y'all.  Celebrity Apprentice belongs on cable.  And my addiction after 2 hours is reason enough for me never to get cable.

This show is hilarious and a train wreck all in one.

I'm not going to give you a recap of the first episode because someone else can do that better.  I'm going to tell you why I'm watching this season, aside from trying to figure out the Donald's hair.
  • Sharon Osbourne & Cyndi Lauper both say anything that pops into their brain.  Cyndi has already called the Donald fat and brought up the 4 month Rosie fight.  Sharon said the diner was like the Star Wars Bar with all of the stuff going on, she also called herself a bitch and said to watch out.
  • Rob Blagojevich.  The trainiest train wreck of the whole show.  How an entire state elected this man Governor is beyond me.  I will say, he has balls of steel to be as self deprecating as he was.  He and the Donald are going to be forming their own hair club for men after this, I can just see it.
  • Bret Michaels.  Dude, they named the guys company ROCK SOLID at his prompting and then he told them that was his t-shirt line.  He's wearing eyeliner and has the hair and Carol Leifer already called him a man whore for his stint on Rock of Love.
  • Sinbad is really funny.  Really really funny.
  • Curtis Stone can cook for me anytime.  Yummy.
  • The first 10 minutes of the show The Donald made mention that he was going to fire all their asses.  And let's face it, I can't wait to see who is next.  "Those beyotches are going to be soooorry."
Are you watching this season?

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SnoopyMeg said...

Hell Yeah! Flynn and I LOOOVEEE this show!

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