Bird Sex. For Amy.

11 March 2010
This past summer, Amy used to be fun jobless and my partner in crime for visits to the park or other fun activities.  Now she is gainfully employed and back to school. 

Except this week.

This week is spring break.  Woooooo!  Far from the drunken spring breaks of our youth, this week we're doing fun stuff with the boys and their matching Cars hats that Amy stupidly kindly bought them, that they refuse to take off to celebrate their collective birthdays which are a mere 6 weeks apart.  But I'm mostly not bitter about having a child that wants to wear a Cars hat everywhere or anything.

First up on the list of fun spring break activities... wet t-shirt contest the zoo!

Birds get their freak on.  In front of unsuspecting people visiting the zoo with small children.  I am not sure if I thought they were like the virgin birth or what, but I was shocked.  Where do eggs come from?  I like to think they are gently placed in the nest by the hand of God.  Not the result of the craziness I witnessed today.  Did anyone know this? 

And another bird watched.  It was all very kinky if you ask me.

Amy called him the wingman. 

I really have the corniest most warped funniest friends in the world.

Lest you think that we only watched bird fornication on our educational trip to the zoo, we also saw Nemo and Dorie and jellyfish.  And seals and the polar bears.

And they dressed up like bees.  I am plotting a return trip when they are 16 and making them recreate this photo.  Yeah, I'm not really holding out too much hope that'll happen.

Hold on to your Rembrandts... today we're hitting the art museum.


michele said...

that bee picture is TOO.FREAKIN'.CUTE. love it!

belles♥mom said...

Michelle, the title cracks me up! I personally have never witnessed bird love (Amy, you'll have to give me a play by play) but I did once see an orangutan get it on with his baby momma and my world has never been the same! lmao
Oh and those little bee boys are too cute! I personally think this would make a great b-day invite for a joint 16th birthday party!

Amy said...

I cannot tell you how much I love the bee picture, but man oh man do I wish we had a picture (actually--a video) of those birds.

Love the title too. And how cute that the entire post involves the "birds and the bees". :)

Amy Stough said...

OMG! too funny. I actually DID know that birds had sex because I watched this crazy nature show about it...which I'm still wondering why I did. THere are actually birds out there that if the female "cheats" on her "partner"...the male bird will peck at her who-ha until the bird sperm from the other man gets out. It was totally unbelievable! I hope that wasn't on show at the zoo! I love hearing your little adventures. and your pictures are always precious :0)

Meg said...

Birds are too cute to witness something like that! I know it's nature and all, but I would prefer to think of them as innocent and naive little beings. Too funny! That bee picture too cute for words.

And thank you for putting my mind at ease about painting kitchen cabinets.Your wisdom and advice was so wonderful, so marvelous!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Absolutely hysterical. May I please come on your next trip to the zoo?
And no- I had never thought of that, either!!

Victoria said...

What adorable boys you have:)

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