Two Wheels.

18 March 2010
Santa was generous to Finnegan this year.  He asked for a motorcycle.  Santa thought maybe he should start with a bike.  Not just any bike... a two wheeler.  It's a Strider balance bike & he he's happy that the weather is nice so that he can ride it somewhere other than the basement.  The bonus was getting to wear his helmet, all the cool kids wear one.

So the bike?  It's a two wheeler minus the pedals.  Weird, eh?  Finn said, "Oh.  Daddy?  I think we need to get some more pedals.  My pedals are gone."  The premise is that they learn balance by keeping their feet on the ground and control of their steering while rolling around.  When they finally master it, they push off and put their feet up.  I will be keeping my eyes closed when that happens.   

For now, I'm enjoying seeing my almost 3 year old little man rolling around like one of the big boys.

What are you doing to enjoy the nice weather?

{Disclosure: Santa bought and paid for the Strider.  He, nor I have no affiliation with the company.}


Emily said...

We went out for our first Mr. Freeze of the season after work yesterday, and spent some time playing on the playground while we ate our ice cream. W has also decided that he wants to live outside, and throws an absolute fit whenever we make him come in or won't let him go out (as demonstrated yesterday evening when he flipped out because I wouldn't let his naked butt out on the porch).

Meg said...

Is that the new trend in kid bikes? I'm glad you did the research for pedals for Leaf! Those are about the cutest pics ever, btw.

Ashley said...

He is so handsome! And so big on that bike. Lock up your daughters.

I almost got one of those for the kids, but didn't. Now I wish I had.

Lori said...

He looks so cute!!

Unknown said...

Finn is so adorable...and yanno i don't think they had these cool balance bikes when my kiddos were learning to ride a bike!
as for the weather we just spent the day down on the farm...we love it there however by tonight we are expecting rain that will be turning to snow LOL this is so Oklahoma for ya one day 70 the next day freezing with snow...enjoy your weekend

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Oh my gosh he is so cute! I have never heard of a bike like that, but love the premise! My little dude is fearless and would totally love something like that. Great blog!

Shannon said...

Kids bikes w/o pedals are everywhere here in Germany. I've never seen a bike with training wheels now that I think about it.

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