29 March 2010

This weekend, while Dave was slaving away in the confines of our bathroom with my incredible father who has been busting his ass for the last four days right alongside, I went shopping.  At Ikea.  With my mother.  And Finn.  And Gale. 

Someone remind me to tell you all sometime about my serious addiction problem with napkins & party stuff, especially those found at Ikea.

We had entirely too much fun in the aisles of the Swedish mega store.  Like two carts AND a flatbed amounts of fun.  Finn wanted to bring home that handheld strainer so badly, so he could, "get Nemo & Dorie out of the tank."  I almost wish that I had given in on that, but we don't need any more kitchen gadgets.

So the only problem left was to figure out how we might squeeze it all into the car.  Which granted, we should have thought of sooner, but we didn't.  Instead, we played tetris with all manner of pillows and wine glasses and shelves and rugs that had to ride all the way home wedged in between us.  And then there was the roof tying.  Dear Lord, the roof tying. 

It felt as if we were riding home in a clown car.

And in case you're keeping track... I will have a shower AND two fancy GFI plugs.  The drywall guys arrive first thing in the morning.  Woo hoo!  A little break for Dave and walls for me, it's a win win.

And here is a snippet of my next project.  You know, because a bathroom remodel, planning 34 random acts of kindness, the 29 days of giving, and reading a book isn't enough for this girl.  Lots of fun to come!

I leave you with this... Dexter, the wonder cat, asleep at the hotel on Finnegan's new car carpet.

I hope you had a fabulous {and much more relaxing than mine} weekend.  Tell me what you did!


Elise said...
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Stacy Kaye said...

Love your blog! I'm trying to find the UBP posting but you are just too good at posting! I am too busy this week to go back and read, but you have me hooked! Looking forward to the time I can catch up!

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