16 March 2010
I always go to bed and put my FREEZING feet on Dave.  Even if he went to sleep 3 hours before me because he has a plane to catch at dark thirty in the morning and it wakes him up. 

I am hoping my bloggy bff decides to make the trek to the OH for my birthday.  I am also hoping that she posts pics of her remodel and new floors soon before I have to go down to the Arkansas and kick her ass.

I am excited and dreading our bathroom remodel that is set to begin in about ten days.  We live in a house with only one bathroom.  I am predicting that Dave and I fight exactly 43 times in the midst of it. 

Spring cleaning?  I clean everything with bleach.  My friend Bunny says she equates the smell of bleach with dirty because that is what they used to clean the hallways of apartments in NYC.  I say those in crack houses shouldn't throw stones.  I'm good with my house smelling like a swimming pool half the time sometimes when I eventually get around to cleaning.

I like burnt pepperoni on my pizza.  It's way better than limp greasy pepperoni.  I also like pineapple and mushroom.  But not canned mushrooms because those are just gross. 

I am quite possibly the worlds biggest procrastinator.  I wait till the last minute to do most everything and then I run around like a maniac.

I'm also a compulsive list maker.  {But not completer... see above procrastination confession.}  Dave finds half crossed off lists all over the house.  And they always have to be on new paper.  It's a terrible habit.

So um, make me feel better and leave your confession in the comments.  And happy Tuesday!


Emily said...

You can use our bathroom during the remodel. Just don't wake me up when you sneak in in the middle of the night.

I'm a big list maker, too. I actually have my to do list in a document on my computer so I can constantly update it. I have a bunch of long-term stuff on there that never gets done. It just sits and taunts me.

I hate cleaning. I'm too tired to deal with it after W goes to bed at night, so I've just kinda given it up. When it gets to a point that I just can't take it any more, I binge. I actually just had a major cleaning binge last night.

Jackie said...

I love the Disney Channel (Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place...I mean come on it rocks!).

That is my confession.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

To be specific, I associate bleach with cockroaches!

Hope Chella said...

I'm glad I stumbled on your blog because I like burnt pepperoni too ESPECIALLY in my pasta. I don't like burnt pancakes though! haha

Ashley said...

What do you bet you get your bathroom remodel done and documented for all the Internetz before I just take pictures of the after of my house. I'm so OCD I just can't post pics of it until its done. Like my table is missing two chairs that are in the garage waiting on the paint to dry. I certainly can't post pics of a beeeeutful table with only 4 chairs and not 6 can I? Nope.

My only confession, I've spent way more money in the past month than Warren knows about and the shits gonna hit the fan when that bank statement comes. Got to beat him to the mailbox, balance the checkbook before him, and distract him with sex. Yeah. That will totally work.

Holly Lefevre said...

I am a list maker too...and they are not always completely finished. My confession...I drink way tooooo much coffee, I check email like 100 times a day, I thrift shop way too much, and I am good with commitment in the beginning and then peter out (but not in marriage...mainly with diets and exercise).

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