04 March 2010
The 99 cent store.

Awesome.  You can get crap for 99 cents.  Sometimes good crap.  Sometimes bad crap.  It's the gamble you take.

99 Luftballons.

Awesome.  The German version and the English version equally.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Awesome.  And just try to get that sucker out of your head.  Great for driving bus drivers out of their effing minds.

1999 by Prince Symbol Prince.

Awesome until everyone and their mother played the hell out of it and ruined it in 1999, but then it's cool again because after 10 years peeps have recovered, so.... Awesome again.

'99.  The year that the Blair Witch Project scared the hell out of my sister Lyndsey and she threw up from the shakey camera work. 

Funny as hell, so that makes it awesome.

And this... this is the most awesome of awesomeness. 

Go there.  Go there NOW.  MomDot's Top 100 Mom Bloggers of 2009.    Trisha, you made my day.


Ashley said...

I am just so damn proud of you! You better be celebrating cause I plan on knocking back a few this weekend and I'll be thinking about how extremely awesome you are while I do.

Love ya!

Karen said...

I only read 2 blogs and yours is one of them. Congrats. You're tied for first on my list.

belles♥mom said...

Thats fantastic Michelle! AWESOME job!!!

Jackie said...

Nice work Michelle! You truly are hilarious!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Congrats. I'm visiting from that list. Looking forward to reading more.

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