07 March 2010
We decided to steal away as a family, to Chicago for a day. 

On trips like this, we do cheesy things like hold hands in the car.  We talk about things like things our upcoming bathroom remodel, things going on in our lives, and Dave's career.  We talk about seeing our friends, Finnegan, and this blog.  I always put my feet up on the dash, mostly because it makes Dave twitch.  Finn and I usually take a snooze, there is just something about the moving car that does it.  Dave gets a few blissful moments alone while we do, to listen to Tower of Power or Dave Matthews.  It's all very Leave it to Beaver until we start arguing about Dave's driving or politics or mostly just Dave's driving. 

Finn was completely enamoured with the city.  He would run to the window and say, "you see that big city? Mama, you see the cars?  Look at the cars down there."  The view at night from our hotel was spectacular.  All of those twinkling lights = crack to a 2 year old. 

We had dinner at Rose Angelis.  Fabulous, fabulous pasta.  And since we were two bottles of wine in... all my pics look like this... 

Except this one, because it was taken by Dave.  Can you tell he was the designated driver?

I wish I were kidding.

For now though, just imagine a gorgeous salad with slices of cucumbers, purple new potatoes, treviso, watermelon radish, golden beets, red onions, brocolini, Granny Smith apples and croutons in a Florentine caeser dressing.  Sauteed cheese raviolis with a pesto gogonzola dipping sauce that I am pretty sure Dave wanted to make love to. Pillowy gnocchi with prosciutto, scallions, walnuts, and apricots in a marscapone cream sauce. Gorgonzola tortellini with grapes in a walnut pesto cream sauce.   I can tell you that there were 20 other things on the menu we would have tried as well.  Portions were unbelievably large so we did everything family style.  If you are anywhere near Chicago, go there and experience it yourself, I promise it is worth every calorie.

Then, it was off to bed {much too late} and up with the sun for the little munchkin.  We were whisked away the next morning {get it?  WHISKED!} to brunch at Yolk. 

I highly recommend the scrambler with chorizo & cheddar, it so brought back good memories of Aunt Letti making it for us in Atlanta.  But there were eggs benedict combinations and pillowy pancakes and crepes filled with peach cobbler and french toast made of cinnamon rolls and very cool light fixtures against orange ceilings.  Something for Bunny everyone.

And then running around Grant park.  For snow kicking, and watching a building being removed.  Brick by brick, so as not to disturb the two it is was nestled between.

And visiting Grant not Grant, because Grant isn't in Grant park, but some obscure man on a horse who's name has escaped me now.  And Agora project, the giant statues of legs and feet.

And the weather was perfect for wandering.  And sneaking into the Spice House and Old Town Oil and spending WAY too much money wanting to take everything in the store home with us.

And just like that, we're back in the car, headed home, #59 crossed off my list.

Steph & Jeff, you all were incredible hosts.  {Sirius & Miss Violet too.}  And we will be back for a visit soon, when we can enjoy a whole weekend and not just 24 hours, because it went by much much too fast.  Though it does seem that we got in six months of gossiping and job talk and innappropriate hilarious Jeff comments and flip flopping and wine and chocolate oreo eating and all of the wonderful things that come from being in the same room rather than Facebook, Email, texting, & telephone calls. 

Miss you already. 


Anonymous said...

*sniff sniff* miss you too!

Elise said...

ahh i can't i didn't even ask how your trip was when we talked earlier!!! i'm sorry! looks like everyone had a good time though! i would've loved to see finna experience chicago! great post

Kelly said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! =0)Aww so cute with all the cheesy hand holding! ;0)

michele said...

i travel the EXACT same slightly reclined, feet up on dash (which coincidentally makes my husband twitch also), always catch a few Z' is one of the few times i am *totally* relaxed and we can catch up on quality conversation. looks like you had a great time!

Elise said...

which hotel did you stay at i meant to ask a while ago??

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